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New Technologies Creative people Big ideas.

Showcasing the power of creativity fuelled by technology.
We assure you a brand new digital experience!

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Bespoke Graphics Stay Awed!

We bring to the table awe-inspiring UI/UX designs
Paired with web audits & strategic design analysis

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Personalized, Data-Driven Digital Excellence

Time-Bound Project Optimized to Perfection
We create masterpieces of Digital Excellence

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New Technologies Creative people Big ideas.
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We create Cutting Edge Digital Experiences

Headquartered at Silicon Oasis, Dubai; and with over a decade of professional experience to give credit to; we shape creative, customized digital media solutions. Our digital stories reflect the care, personalization, intuitive designs we create for our clients from all niches and industries in the Global Marketplace.

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We add a spark of fresh thoughts, creative designs, and strategic Technology Analysis into the dreams of each of our clients. We think differently, deliver exceptional projects, and most importantly, our clients always remain in awe of our passion to “Give more than they could ever expect”. 

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Our Portfolio

We have a mixed bag of successful digital stories that showcase our innovative, custom-made creations that have retained wonderful client relations and you could be next!

Happy Clients

Below are just a few of the many clients worldwide
who transformed their business with Smart Hatch.


"We are so happy to have worked with Smart Hatch. Their services are really exceptional. They are very professional and very flexible with our needs, both in creative designs and budgetary aspects of our website. We are impressed by Their dedication and willingness to help customers all the way, even far beyond required. Their assistance is really much appreciated. We definitely can recommend this company to everyone."


Manager, Ghodousi Medical Center, Dubai

Javid A R Khatri

“I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all the IT solutions done for our Company. You have been a great resource and very effective in solving issues and getting results. The Hosted Solution is instrumental to our success and we are very pleased that we have a strong partner in your project manager to support us moving forward.”

Javid A R Khatri

Business Owner, ARK Space Interiors.

Moataz F. Abdulrahman

"Smarthatch is one of our partner which I deeply admire . They are providing us an amazing web service."

Moataz F. Abdulrahman

Director Retail - Al Shegrey, Saudi Arabia.

Bassam Mohammed

“A brand which can be depended. Very happy with the service provided by SmartHatch with promptness and the quality.”

Bassam Mohammed

Founder, Chairman - Zediss Group


Digital Blog Corner

Our curated content will give valuable insights on various aspects of Technological advancements, Digital media trends. Also, how you can outperform your competitors with our blogs. Be Inspired!

ERP Solutions – The Smart way to Business Management

ERP Solutions: Understanding Enterprise Resource Planning Better

Have you used ERP Solutions for your business?  In one word,  Enterprise Resource Planning software systems are the future to…

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Social signals - The best SEO signals in social media.

Social Signals can improve website SEO. Here’s How

Heard about Social Signals? Do you know how social signals for SEO are used for websites, mobile applications, and IT…

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Ecommerce Website SEO Checklist: Your Perfect Guide to Optimized Online Stores

Ecommerce Website SEO Checklist for Organic Traffic

Your Online Store may be great, but is it inviting website traffic in the way you want? This is where…

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Microsoft adds ChatGPT Technology to Bing Search Engine

Microsoft announces AI-powered Bing Search Engine

“It’s a new day in search,” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at an event at the company’s Redmond, Washington headquarters.…

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Our Rockstars

Wondering where our inspiration pops out from? Well, hats off to our super-creative team!
Hover & get to know the cool side of our Tech Warriors!

Fahad Faizal

Fahad Faizal

Founder and CEO

Avid entrepreneur, connoisseur of being unique; you’d find him chillin at badminton courts during leisure

David Horny

David Horny


Simply passionate about pushing the boundaries and networking everything under the sun

Fathima Amreen

Fathima Amreen

Head Of Digital

Catch our artsy lover adding sunshine and beating boredom from everything normal

Bimal Sasidharan

Bimal Sasidharan

Team Lead

Loves to quiz irrationality, globetrotter, and adores pajama worklife

Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran

Graphic Designer

Meet our creative Night Owl, Cybernaut, and his Bae is travelling

Emily George

Emily George

Backend Developer

Meet the bubbly string tinker here, and yeah she loves loading a million smiles on your face.

Akash Pradeep

Akash Pradeep

Quality Analyst

Catch him unwinding on Netflix when bugs are not tinkering his mind

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