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Electronic Business Card

Electronic Business Card

Spare your mind from printing business cards for the entire team. We have introduced a convenient product named The Electronic Business Card, better called the ‘E-Card’. Simply install the Ecard Mobile app on your Android or IoS phones and create customized business cards.


Customized E-card designs

Build your own identity with these customized Ecards. Adapt/ Edit the electronic cards to your perfection with social media links, addresses, appealing images, and cool profile pictures to help your Ecards be noticed everywhere.

Plus, everything is done and controlled on your mobile with a few clicks. Can E-card designing be easier, We doubt!


Hassle-free Corporate Communications

Forget the days of disposing of your outdated Business Cards. Now, with the virtual card creation process, you can create an endless number of cards for your team and enable quick Corporate communications.

This reduced printing costs and is our contribution toward building a sustained, less polluted, paper-free world ahead


Secure Document Uploads

We have an added feature where normal Business cards cannot give you a bigger business advantage. You can attach documents to your Ecard so that your virtual connections get to know more about you. This means that this virtual card does the talking!

With life turning to safer connections with physical distances, you don’t risk lives and also help professionals have your vivid profile summary too.

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