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Digital Document Approval System

Digital Document Approval System

Tired of obtaining document approvals across organizations and departments? We know that Time is Money, and this Digital Document Approval System will give your trustworthy approvals in just a few clicks. Get your work while on the move!

Document Approval-Easy-Request-Creation

Easy Request Creation

No more presentations before your hierarchical authorities. Switch to professional life where you can just request for Document approval from your desk! With our Digital Document Approval System tool, send/receive Digital requests, add the necessary information, attach documents securely.

Additionally, you can finally add the Signatories required to give the approval. Based on their expertise, and departmental authority, arrange your approval order accordingly.


Secure Document Cloud Database

This is one umbrella platform where every document is secure and under the control of the users involved.  The tool enables you to easily edit, accept or reject requests,  upload documents safely, Admins can manage Dashboards, and prevent the hassles of physically running around for approvals. 

Using robust technology, and seamless integration of various tools,  We protect your identity and ensure that no information leakages are committed



Online Signatories Approvals

Signatories have the freedom to check the documents and give supposed edits to the document or even award a rejection for the same. Since this system is dependent on online processes, all communications are transparent, recorded and safe for further reference.

Once approved by signatories, a PDF document can be downloaded. This way, all people involved gets to keep a copy.


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