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ZLOX Featurized Mobility

ZLOX Featurized Mobility


Every city has two segments of the population who actually facilitate business and revenue! These are the buyers and sellers and our technological product The ZLOX – Featurized Mobility is meant to connect them with a click!


Connect on the Go!

Our product enables travelers and city-goers to move around the city with ease and without losing track of the most happening events in the place. Cities are home to immense opportunities like finding food courts, homes, educational places, hangout hotspots etc. 

Now, people get to meet new friends with similar interests, establish connections and even grow their social media base while moving in the city safely and securely


ZLOX Seller Buyer Interactions

Seller- Buyer Interactions

With Zlox, both buyers and sellers can access the opportunities, launch personalized offers, collect useful information, and seamlessly connect with people of various business interests.

Now, buyers know where to buy products/ services at the best prices just by looking at their app. Sellers can transform their selling strategies as we help them connect with their target audience.



Seamless Integration

It opens the doors for opportunities by integrating the App with many novel customer retention plans and seller events.  Just as much as competition booms in cities, we have developed and customized great packages to help businesses move without hitches.

With added convenience aspects, we help buyers know how to reach your stores when events take place and even reward our customer base with cool rewards to explore the cities.


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