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Secure ASP.NET Core Web Applications with these best practices

Aug 07, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessSmartHatch BY SmartHatch
Aug 2023



How is ASP.NET Core important for websites?ASP.NET Core is a crucial element when it comes to security. This should be one of the most important aspects that any website takes into account. Owing to the heavy traffic, competition, and AI based misuses, we make sure that each of our completed projects are miles apart from hackers.  Our top notch web development team, web design experts, and quality testing professionals are here to guide you on such aspects.

This time, we are here to breakdown the various security based ASP.NET Core web applications that any website should take into account.

The blog will cover:

  1. What is ASP.NET Core?
  2. Best practices for protecting ASP.NET Core Web Applications

Read in detail further and get a grasp of what we have to share with you. Still, if the existing website needs custom made web development upgrades  to boost your security, which too can be done.

What is ASP.NET Core?

Microsoft designed and built ASP.NET, which is a web framework used to build websites, web apps, and web services. This is a wonderfully structured cross-platform, open source framework to meet modern website requirements. It initiates high performance and connects apps in a seamless and protected manner.

It came out for the first time in January 2002. ASP.NET does a great job of bringing together HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), ASP.NET lets programmers write code in any.NET language that is supported.

When building a website or an application, ASP.NET has many advantages. Extremely fast processing times, low costs, and extensive language support are the main advantages. As a result of ASP.NET’s widespread adoption, a wealth of information and competent programmers are readily available online. Unlike other web development platforms that require separate installation and configuration, ASP.NET is already pre-installed in the user-friendly Windows server environment.

Best practices for protecting ASP.NET Core Web Applications

Use HSTS While Enforcing SSL

With the help of SSL, we are able to create a connection that is both encrypted and secure between a web server and a browser. It makes certain that any data that is transferred between the web server (application) and the browser is encrypted and remains unaltered during the transfer. Creating an application that is configured to run over HTTPS is now possible with ASP.net Core 2.1 and later versions.

Although it was possible to configure HTTPS with ASP.net Core before the release of.NET core framework 1.1, doing so was not particularly simple. When developing a web application with Visual Studio, one of the available configuration options is to run our web application over HTTPS. The HTTPS protocol is set up and ready to go for a web application before it is even created from the template.

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Improper Authorization of ASP.NET Core

The process of verifying the identity of the person who is accessing our application is referred to as authentication. The majority of applications have a feature that allows users to log in.  These applications validate user identities against any trusted source. For instance, most of us make use of social media. They go through a process of identity authentication before we step into them. This is Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. The term for this procedure is “Authentication.”

The process of verifying a user’s privileges before granting access to a resource within an application is known as authorization. The solution is quite simple. Before moving the web application to the production environment, it must first be checked to ensure that authorization operates as intended. We can use these models in the more complex scenarios involving authorization because ASP.NET Core has such a rich model for authorization. Some examples of this model include policy-based authorization and claim-based authorization.

ASP.NET Core Needs Proper Error Handling

Do you have website glitches? Or sometimes certain pages do not respond to your commands? There are times when we do not properly handle errors. Therefore, some of the sensitive information is made public due to errors, such as the name of a database object (table, stored procedure, and so on), the location of a file, and so on. An attacker or hacker may make use of information of this kind to attack the website.

Either we can develop the code to do custom error handling or we can create a custom error page that will display whenever there is an error. Both of these options will prevent it from happening. In the first proposed solution, we are going to have to create a page that displays a generic message, and we are going to have to configure that page using the Configure method of the startup class.

Have you done the Audit Trail?

When it comes to an audit trail, Smarthatch is all about doing a highly professional quality check for a website and this is how we work on it.

We watch the website movements, navigation, login and entry, exit patterns, data usage behavior, etc. The defects are corrected after proper analysis and quality checks, and then we hand over the project. For instance, we apply a complex ASP.NET Core feature for the login identification process, and that will prevent any possible attacks virtually.

Conceal your website ASP.NET Core version as much as possible

In a website, all HTTPS responses that come to a server are requests. Normally, the version of the ASP.NET Core will be visible. As website development experts, we hide this, so that hackers cannot penetrate further inside.

To conclude

Our best practices while using ASP.NET Core have been listed above. We would be happy to remind you that these are part of the work process and experiences always. We hope that this page has the answers that came in search of regarding ASP.NET Core. In case, you need a protected ASP.NET Core website, feel free to discuss and take it forward with our team.