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Website Quality Analysis: 10 Simple Ways to evaluate the quality of a website

Oct 25, 2021 POSTED IN DesignUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Oct 2021



How to check the quality of a website?

Knowing the key factors that build the quality of a website (1)


Who doesn’t want a wow some website that earns clicks, leads, and yes, no spam at all? We are talking about Revenue Generating Websites and their crucial elements that will affect the quality of the website. To attain website quality assurance, the quality of the website has to be checked regularly.

These 10 easy, practical elements should be part of your website quality checklist from now onwards; if you want to get your website ranked organically.

Well Integrated Social Media

In recent years, Social Media is every business’ shout-out corner, and by all means, it has to be set right from scratch

Make sure your website and its social media platforms get integrated, implemented, and monitored in a well- focussed manner.

People love to share your content, images, or notifications on their personal pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This leverages brand popularity and welcomes more visitors to the website creates engagement. Just make it easy for them to share and spread the word!

Readable flow improves the quality of a website

How would you rate a good blog, or social media post, or video?

Suppose a blog can drive across a message/concept, keep the reader on the same page from start to end; this, of course, means that the work has a great readable flow.

If you jump from one thought to another with unfinished thought flows, which is surely irritating. Don’t step into that zone. Remember to organize your content well, so that the audience understands the message in the simplest attractive manner.

Aesthetic Beauty

Some of the key characters that contribute to a website’s quality are color codes, themes, font style, font size, content placement, and website navigation.

Depending on the theme of the website, it is necessary to align the colors accordingly. Ensure that the design does not collide with the text or the rest of the color codes.

Image quality

Image and videos rule the content world today. So, make sure you keep up with the pace. You need to focus on high-quality images that are compressed and would not eat at the page loading speed of the website.

That is a red flag and could make the bounce rate fly high and the website can easily make its way down the organic search rankings. If good quality images are part of the process, subsequently website quality assurance is achievable.

Strategic Internal Linking

Internal links are one of the most important factors that keep your website visitors on the site. Place links in the right positions and we should connect them with the right information.

Do not place links as the bait just to click on some offer or service that you provide. Do you know why? People are looking for information and if you focus on giving them more connected useful information–they will love you.

Or else it would backfire on you. If you place proper internal links on each page, it would raise your search rankings.

Ease of Contact

Haven’t you felt great when you get to see a product, talk to the salesperson immediately? If the interactions were smooth, then you are a happy client, as their service was good.

In short, be ready to communicate whenever, be open to answering them genuinely, and feed them with the best of information that they seek from your side.

External Linking

External Links are the links you get from other websites to place into your website. It helps to get website quality assurance easily. Few things to consider while placing external links:

  • Ensure that they have earned a high domain rating and URL rating
  • The information explained on their website is factual and interesting
  • The link placed applies to your content

Smooth Formatting

Developers need to plan a smooth formatting process so that visitors stay for longer times and navigate through various pages.

If the H1, H2, picture tags, bullet points, titles, images, breakdown structure, and infographics will help the reader understand the content in a better, organized manner.

Content-Length Quality

Have you ever wondered what will be the right content length in a blog? Have you ever thought about how to write quality content for your website? This is quite a normal query that pops into every digital marketer’s mind. Let us get this straight for you.

In the past, if keywords were the attraction points for a website visitor, today the story is different. In the past, a sweet 500-word blog would be just fine.

Times have changed, and competition is firing from all directions today. Over the past couple of years, a blog with an average length of  1200- 3000 words achieves better hits than its counterparts.

Experts believe that more content will surely provide more information that people search on the search engines.

Now, the next aspect is content quality. If you have a long 1500 word blog with fluff dumped in, that would probably end in the spam corner. We ain’t looking for that! Give information of value to keep the audience by your side, as your expertise in the topic matters a lot.

Comments & Ranking builds website quality

The more comments, people deem the content format to be of high quality. But the ugly side of this is that some may post spam comments and that could hurt your brand image.

We would say it is better to have comments provided:

  • You can manage the comments, reply on time and reduce the hate factor or any misinterpretation.
  • Display your public responses if you feel that a relationship with your audience is important for growing your online presence.
  • Keep time aside to moderate the comments, as this needs time, patience, and tactics.


Happy that you have read these points and if you can fix these points–let me tell you, it will be only a small solution to creating a high-quality website.

Every business leader should consider website quality maintenance as a continual responsibility, as the more improvements you make – the better results. If you feel overwhelmed by this workload, we are right here to help you out sort this digital content every month.