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9 Best Web Development Trends to upgrade user experiences

Mar 31, 2023 POSTED IN DesignSmartHatchTechUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Mar 2023

Best Web development ideas to boost business

Web development nowadays is far more than fancy code. It is a virtual mode of communication via various software languages, tools, and miscellaneous work processes. This helps to guide Google, other search engines, and users to know how the website work. In 2023, there are various web development trends that companies should take note of. Today, if you are an inspiring startup, an online store, a manufacturing company, or a retail fashion store, you need a website.  In Dubai, irrespective of whether you are in hospitality, logistics, medicine, travel, and tourism, a website is your identification tool.  Having developed and designed new age websites, the Smarthatch Team has transformed business ideas into upgraded and world class websites using the latest web development services.

Take a look at where the Web Development Trends are gearing to this year. If you have an obsolete website at present,  our expertise in web design and web development can help your company to increase online visibility and online sales to the next level.

To know what you need, we have chosen a few web development gamer changers to be part of your website. Take a look.

Understanding Web Development Better

#1 Progressive Web Apps – Go remote, connect, stand out in the crowd

The latest iteration of progressive web apps(PWAs) will replace the existing apps for good. PWAs help to load websites quickly and work offline in apps like Google Maps. Popular companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, Uber, and Starbucks use PWAs for an enhanced user experience. Many other organizations also planning to catch this by 2023.

It is essential to revamp web applications into PWAs as there is an increased usage of smartphones and tablets to perform different online activities. PWAs also offer seamless maintenance and reduced development costs for the provider.  HTML, React, JavaScript, or Angular will be used to write PWAs in 2023.


#2 AI Chatbots – Becoming indispensable in web development

AI-enabled chatbots assist companies in performing quicker operations using text or voice chats. In 2023, AI Chatbots will become more sophisticated to improve the digital experience for customers. To meet this, bots will focus on leveraging machine learning, information retrieval techniques, and natural language processing. AI chatbots also help to collect data, answer frequently asked questions and resolve other issues.

Many prominent B2C companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype already using AI chatbots to meet users’ needs. According to reports, AI Marketer uses increased by 190% between 2018-2020 and is expected to gain more momentum in 2023.


#3 Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) – Optimizing every phase of web development

You should give importance to your site’s speed because page loading impacts customers’ decisions to purchase from an online seller. Here Accelerated Mobile pages come into the picture which is first launched by Google in 2015. AMP offers mobile users with lightning-fast digital experience and decreasing bounce rates.

Google’s AMP can improve core business metrics which could be as beneficiary as the number of conversions on web pages. AMP is used by many popular websites and remains the most popular mobile technology used worldwide.


#4 Single-Page Applications – Executed by Top web development followers

Single page applications(SPAs) load a single HTML page in a user’s browser and dynamically update the content as required, without refreshing the page. SPAs are JavaScript-based web applications and the most significant recent trends in web development. Popular companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and some development communities are making use of SPAs.

The overall performance will be much better because visitors can use a website, without loading a new page from the server. SPAs consume less server space, are cost effective, are easy to create, and efficiently indicate user information on a single page. We can expect the SPA trend in the coming years also as online customers expect simpler and quicker app experiences.


#5 Optimized Voice Search – Bringing life to normal web development

Voice Search is first introduced by Google in 2011. According to Grand View Research, Nowadays intelligent virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri showing unprecedented market growth. Many individuals use voice search on their mobiles and a Microsoft study indicated that within 6 months, 72% of customers have used a digital assistant.

Voice search is raising to become more relevant than ever as more tech giants are coming to market or creating new products and many adults using smart home devices. Voice search results will start ranking higher and companies will concentrate on their content strategy for voice search in 2023.


#6 Motion UI – Taking online user experiences above and beyond

Along with faster and Mobile friendly digital experiences, customers expect richer and more incentive ones also. Motion UI is a front end framework that helps developers to create fully responsive websites and mobile applications and to use predefined motions within a native app setting. You can create an element slide, bounce, spin, and transition using this framework.

It can be added anywhere on a website and it is compatible with all web technologies. Motion UI is one of the leading web development trends in 2023 thanks to the SASS library’s technology.


#7 Dark Mode Standardization  – Great for Mobile App Users

Dark and low-light websites gaining popularity  nowadays. Customers prefer to use websites and apps offering dark mode user interfaces (UIs). Facebook and Twitter use this feature and provide an easy option to toggle between two modes based on system settings or users’ preferences.

In 2023, this feature may even become the default for applications as more web developers provide the option to switch between light and dark modes. As customers expect a completely customized experience, mastering website personalization is essential.


#8 Native Cybersecurity  – Beating the web development challenges

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of securing data, networks, and computers from misuse. The number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks increasing rapidly. This can lead to Hours of Downtime, damaged reputation, and significant loss of revenue.

Website development has already adapted application-based multi-factor authentication like Google Authenticator, Security operation Centres, and patch management. In 2023, there will be non-traditional methods to enhance cyber security beyond analytic checkpoints and monitoring tools.


#9 Parallax Scrolling

If you are studying web development courses, then this name will be familiar to you. If you are a new website owner, check if you have this fantastic feature in your virtual entity. It is a kind of animate experience that turns on the child in you. There will be a webpage with an image site in the background. Once you scroll on the page and move the cursor in any direction, your moves will trigger the aesthetics moves for the image also.

Though on mobile, this is not a very pretty look. Experienced web developers Dubai can stop this function from working for mobile within the CSS of the website.

Just as much technology blends into our daily lives, people expect the results to be more efficient, secure, and seamless. If your competitor is doing it, or if you are planning to enter this online sales wing, then a high quality web development  trend should be your companion. For any professional assistance, have a complete consultation with our team and upscale your website.