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Blinkit–The new Grofers! Revolutionizing Q-Commerce Business Models

Dec 21, 2021 POSTED IN BusinessSmartHatchUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Dec 2021

Blinkit brand name change from Grofers is part of Q-commerce brand strategy

Q-commerce is in the limelight and Grofers (call it ‘Blinkit’ now) have revolutionized the actual power of E-commerce. So, why is this fuss? Was it really needed–this rebrand name change? Let’s break down the essentials of next-generation online sales dynamics and their related business strategies.


Did you know that by 2025, the Q-Commerce business will hit the $5 billion mark? So, probably Blinkit has aced their branding strategy a little ahead of the competitors. In fact, Dubai is geared for a massive Ecommerce sales model in 2022.


Branding services include brand name change and before we had listed various companies who had aced up their business with a brand name strategy. Well, if done right, it works! Recently, Grofers supported the same daring outlook. From now on, we get to see only Blinkit and bid farewell to Grofers.


What is Q-Commerce? Blinkit’s 10-minute rebranding strategy


Ecommerce has transformed immensely over the years. The pandemic has sped up the process a little further. One such impactful change in online sales models is Q-Commerce. It is better known as Quick Commerce.

Quick Commerce ensures they deliver products to the doorstep. In fact, they facilitate delivery with speed without compromising on the quality of the product or reducing the delivery service.

In Blinkit, they promise to deliver the products within 10 minutes of your order. Within a blink, you can have the product on your doorstep. The move was pretty fast, but genuinely has grabbed the final customer’s attention!

Q-commerce websites are dynamic and will need to work in tandem with the regular technological upgrades.


Key Takeaways: Grofers to Blinkit

  • Once they announced the news, the public came with plenty of ‘whys’? A normal quizzie asked by many, and we ought to break down the logic behind it.
  • Grofers have been losing business with Big basket for a considerable amount of time. Plus, a lot of players entered this market during the pandemic time. In order to withstand any business, a massive change can help. Of course, they back it with research and proven numbers.
  • Grofers repurposed their eCommerce business from the conventional delivery model to the Quick Commerce Model. They have improved online grocery delivery of groceries with quick delivery deadlines.
  • It shows a high volume of order processing every week. It means better offers and reduces the overheads of an offline store.
  • As far as Blinkit, their Q Commerce strategy will change the concept of eCommerce–if executed reasonably.
  • Looking into their logo design, it is minimalistic and fuss-free. But branding experts feel that the yellow hues convey a lack of agility and dynamism. However, the company instigates positivity through their logo design.

To conclude:

Grofers had undertaken a major rebranding strategy tweak. You too can! Refining your offline businesses to online platforms is being smart these days. Join the bandwagon of eCommerce sellers with proper insight and talented teams to back you up. Need some insight on our Dubai-based branding works? Take your business to the next level. We ensure to amp up your social media presence coupled with the perfect branding insight from our experts.