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Latest Blog

Middle-East Ecommerce Sales Trends witness a futuristic uptick

Nov 02, 2021 POSTED IN BusinessUncategorized BY SmartHatch
Nov 2021

Have you noticed that Middle East Ecommerce Sales is the hotspot of huge digital business from 2022 onwards?

Recent studies have proven that entrepreneurs should focus on digital platforms rather than physical stores.

The latest Middle East Ecommerce sales business data projections reveal that the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, will witness a constant upsurge in online sales from 2022 onwards. In specific, M-commerce is the new mode of purchase in GCC.

If you are into digital online business in the Middle East, then the e-commerce sales scenario is brighter than ever before! This is owing to the new normal, COVID-influenced consumer buying behavior.

In particular, the Dubai e-commerce market has seen a rapid increase in sales, and the love of m-commerce consumer behavior has been growing ever since.


Dubai’s phenomenal transition


COVID meant masked up lives, less humane interactions, and loads of sanitizations. We, as humans, have learned the art of adapting to the situation and making the best of it. Based on the shopping data received from 2019 onwards:

  • Online Shopping rise: The Dubai Customs Department mentioned a rise of AED 24 billion in e-commerce sales in 2022.
  • COVID magic: Shoppers have embraced online shopping and contactless payment modes during the lockdown period.
  • M-Commerce: Shoppers prefer cashless delivery and digital payments through various cashless platforms.
  • Phenomenal business: Dubai has transitioned into a lucrative e-commerce business point for South American, Gulf, African, and also Middle East business markets.


Business Model Transformation in the Middle East Ecommerce Sector

Global data analysts have noticed an immense scope of Middle East e-commerce sales business growth in the GCC countries.

  • Sales Boom: The online retail market to reach about $50 billion in online e-commerce sales by the year 2025.
  • Steady growth: Dubai, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia have seen the biggest upward trend, and this will still grow further.
  • Safety first: Despite the vaccination roll-outs, a recent survey revealed that most UAE residents prefer to shop in the safety of their homes.
  • Key players: eBay, Amazon, Huda Beauty, Apple, Lulu Group, Mercedes Benz, Hi Dubai, Fawaz Alhokair Group Fashion Retail, Open Kart, and Burger King.
  • Sales Niches: The Middle East eCommerce sales business model has opened the venue for many business niches like food, health, sports, educations, technology, fashion, and electronics.
  • Women: Today, Women can shop, learn about products via social media, and manage money effectively.
  • Price Comparison: Customers do price and quality comparisons prior to making a purchase.
  • Affordable: Most online purchasers claim it is convenient, affordable and they are happy with the quality of products received.
  • Experience matters: With a better shopping experience, people would soon prefer the online store compared to the physical store.
  • AR online product selling: Gucci introduced the AR-based buying experience. People can virtually try things before executing a purchase decision. Since this replicates the try-out feel, people do not miss the store experience.


Are you are an aspiring digital marketer, business leader, trying to make your mark in Middle East business markets? This data will be useful for you.

But, hey, there are no quick fixes! This next level of digital sales transformation needs some solid planning and execution!

We can revamp your websites, create stunning brand pages, logos, and create seamless Ui/Ux designs for your e-commerce websites.

Competition is here to stay. Timely decisions, great communication, and impactful digital marketing strategies can help any business in the GCC regions scale up.

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