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What is the Impact of AI Marketing on Digital Marketing in 2022?

Sep 26, 2021 POSTED IN SmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch
Sep 2021



Artificial intelligence Marketing plays a vital role in our personal lives, businesses, education, and careers today. It is a tangible reality that most businesses have adopted to stay in the limelight, get sales conversions, expand their product/service lines, and enhance their loyal customer base.

It is a fact that if entrepreneurs nail a fundamental relationship with the needs of the audience; it kicks off successful moments in business. To give value, the human mind will need technological intellect, and that is what Artificial Intelligence facilitates.

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

AI Marketing is a technique that uses data derived from various analytical models and machine learning concepts to understand customers’ buying behavior, trends, and user experiences.

Based on the data, marketing teams can focus on optimum digital marketing strategies to increase engagement, follower base, and sales conversions.


MAICON: Assessing the AI-Marketing Combo

For insights on this topic, we could take lessons from the MAICON conference. They held it in August 2021, and the founder of the Marketing AI Institute, Paul Roetzer, shared his thoughts.

  1. McKinsey data reports have estimated the impact of data analytics and AI to be about a trillion dollars in terms of sales and marketing.
  2. Leave the AI codes aside and absorb the essence of the information that the numbers and algorithms display to us.
  3. It is a known fact that the machine is fast, and the technology is smart. But humans have the potential to shape smarter businesses.
  4. Instead of fearing technological advancements, if companies, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs brainstorm ways to effectively use the data, the results will be exemplary!
  5. They can improve sales, and marketing performance by breaking down the algorithms and data models.


Why is AI marketing important for digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence transforms marketing on digital platforms immensely and that is exactly why every enterprise needs AI for its marketing efforts.

Customer-Centric Analytics: With Artificial Intelligence, marketers can filter the potential buyer segment based on gender, demographics, age, profession, and search trends. They help them deliver content, make announcements in personalized styles that can further make a worthwhile impact.

AI-enabled marketing assessment: With the help of AI Dashboards, real-time report insights, data analytics software, marketers enjoy the benefit of the elements of noteworthy digital campaigns. This increases their success rates, keeping employees on the right track of performance.

Leveraged ROI: AI analytics enables marketers to use data insights to make intelligent decisions, estimate campaign budgets, and allocate advertisements to the most appropriate location, demographic, and channel.

Team Efficiency: With the real-time reports and quality AI dashboards, the team can invest more time deciphering workable solutions to increase their sales, attract customers and introduce innovative products/services to improve user experience.


The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

If you are a savvy marketer, these AI marketing insights will help you achieve what you desire in a seamless, planned, and structured manner. As mentioned, AI marketing opens the doors to a lot of data that leads to targeting the right customer.


Few Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in 2022

  • Google Optimize: This is a free website optimization tool used by developers, UX designers, and digital marketers to make data-driven decisions. It can evaluate the user experience so that more conversions are generated. It will help remove the errors that were created during the remote work mode from 2020 to 2021.
  • Platforms Audit: Artificial Intelligence Marketing enables marketers to use multiple gadgets, browsers, and digital platform portfolios to generate comprehensive comparisons and data analytics reports on effective interactions and sales conversions.
  • Smart Customized Searches: People look for smart solutions to their searches. With AI, companies can showcase relevant advertisements, social media profiles, and search results by focusing on what the customers search for. For example, the PAA in Google searches gives marketers an outline of what people search for on any topic.
  • AI Chatbots: Enterprises can generate more logical chats with AI chatbots. It will improve the user experience, credibility and capture the attention of your probable customers. Customized chatbots help to generate personalized answers.
  • Automated Tasks: Regular digital interactions on various platforms are going to be the norm. For this, companies will have automated replies, prepared emails, and response call-outs. This will help them focus on other customized communications.


On a Final Note

Forget the guesswork and go for the real meaning behind the data!

If you are ready to break down the real essence of AI and use it in your digital marketing plan, the results will lead to the right customer audience.

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