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SEO Marketing: Optimize SEO Correctly

May 26, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessDigital MarketingSmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch

SEO Marketing is a much noted sub entity of Digital Marketing services. Hailing from rich expertise in growth marketing and high quality IT web development, web design, and effective management of digital assets, the Smarthatch team adds value to our client projects with the fine touch of optimal SEO marketing as required.

In case, you do have a physical store or an IT service, healthcare, beauty, wellness, or fashion business, we do understand how stressful it would be great to understand more about SEO, and SEO marketing. Also, understand the trends that have gained prominence in SEO marketing

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is an all-encompassing procedure that assists your website in ranking better in the results returned by various search engines.  If you look forward to monetizing your websites and mobile apps, then SEO is a must.

Often, freshers in digital marketing think that when you TYPE something into Google, the search engine works magic!  Of course, in case you type ‘the best web development services dubai’, you will get a search list.

But as a company, how can you enter this search list and be on the first page? That is where SEO works.

It considers a large number of variables together referred to as “ranking factors.” The factors act as the secret sauce to have a positive impact on the internal and external algorithms for your website. The process of optimizing your website with these ranking factors is known as search engine optimization (SEO). We have talked about the best Social Signals that can boost your SEO efforts in the best way possible way.

Especially if you own an outdated website or that does not load quickly, our Digital Marketing expertise can optimize the website in no time. Once SEO is optimized, the next phase is strategic SEO Marketing.

What is SEO Marketing?

There’s a running joke in the business of marketing that if you wanted to conceal a dead body, the best place to do so would be on the second page of Google, because who goes beyond the first page of results?!

Few Facts on SEO Marketing

SEO is a continual process and cannot be considered a one time job. It is repetitive and ever evolving across the globe.

SEO gets successful only if you work on your SEO marketing strategies properly.

The vast majority of people do not even continue scrolling past the first five results. If you are not willing to try pay-per-click advertising and organic SEO marketing, then you will not be able to appear on the paid search results page.

Engaging SEO means connecting with your target audience always and that helps you gain sales leads. This means that you need to place the right CTA at the right touchpoints, communicate attractively, etc.

To maximize the amount of organic website traffic that your company receives, search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website appear in the top five search results for relevant search queries.

SEO Marketing is the only aspect that will integrate usability, knowledge, interests, and trust into a content strategy effort.

And, by the way, SEO marketing cannot be fulfilled by automation or AI based tools alone. You need digital marketing experts who fill the gaps between business goals and customer expectations.

How to use SEO Marketing?

Get your On page SEO right

Each page on your website eCommerce store will have content that speaks about the features, expertise, and reviews. Add SEO on every on site page so that the website holds a better scope to be ranked. If you are a Dietician in Dubai, add Dubai Dietician services on most of the pages.

This will help Google crawl your page when a client types in similar searches for a Dietitian consultant ion in Dubai.

Strengthen your Off page SEO

Just like the on page SEO, make sure to link to reputed websites. That is Off Page SEO and it is necessary to increase your trust and online goodwill within the Google algorithms.  Understand that if this is done regularly, this will be a part of your organic SEO growth.

Watch the Technical SEO, as Google evaluates that too

If content SEO seems to be a huge task, here is an important update for web developers too. Today Google takes into account how seamlessly your backend architectures exist. It should provide user experiences, load quickly, have optimized images and videos, etc are few to mention.

In case, you need to study the terms that Google specifies, this blog will explain more.

Structure your content Strategy

The EAT factor

For SEO marketing to function, the E.A.T. factor should display authentic content. This means the content (whether blogs, news, or services) should showcase Expertise. Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Make sure your content gives well researched knowledge and not fluff content.

Of course,  people will rate this. The  experiences are considered by Google Analytics. Such a concept was brought by Google Quality Rates in 2014.

The YMYL factor

It stands for “Your Money or Your Life”. In case you are running a website that speaks about health, finance, mental wellness, political affairs, and medical treatments – such websites and applications fall under the YMYL category.

Here support the EAT factor means information with proper research. It should not give negative or incorrect information, as people depend immensely on them. For instance, you have a new website, and you cannot publish a piece of news stating the probability of a Tsunami (just because it was predicted by some random person). That would harm people, as that is not right or proven information.

Make it Optimally Keyword rich 

Here’s the difference to note. You need to optimize your SEO keywords, not add a couple of keywords that seem to connect with your IT product or service.

For instance, if you have a hospitality business in the UAE, how would you work on the SEO Marketing process?

Instead of just specifying that you are the best restaurant in UAE, go specifically. Like it could premium buffet service Dubai, corporate event party services, marriage special custom made menus, etc. The options are many. The point you need to project your features, and your top services (whichever industry you work in) rather than stating that you run a service.

The same goes for web development service Dubai. At Smarthatch, our focus is to give the best user experiences through the use of the latest web technologies and web design services, which will be part of our keyword bandwagon.  Being a result centric web development company Dubai, it has helped churn in many results for the most premium clients (portfolio link) that we serve today.

Use SEO Tools

Back your keyword research with GrowthBar, Google Keyword Tool, and Ahrefs. Make sure that your choice of keywords is sensible too. In case you want to optimize the content for your USA target audience, you cannot choose keywords like best hardware specialist. Instead, the best hardware experts Florida would connect the audience with your company.

Trends in SEO Marketing to use for Websites and Mobile Apps

A few trends that would prep your SEO marketing strategies in the right direction are

Machine Learning and AI

In the year 2023, machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to play a significant role in SEO. Experts use this in many facets of SEO, including content optimization, link building, and keyword research, to name just a few. Even content including artificial intelligence is being developed at this very moment.

The first impression about Google’s August 2022 helpful content update has a larger focus on AI content tools. This was because the update’s stated goal was to “ensure people see much more original, useful content written by a person, for people, in search results.”

Do you know AI generated content is regarded as spam?

It is deemed as spam to have text that is AI generated. As stated by Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, its not a good practice to use AI writing tools in the process. He is the author of the webmaster rules for the search engine.

If you have an in-depth understanding of your audience, the content should reflect it. This will more acceptable by viewers.   Make use of productivity assistance tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence, and maintain a human element at all times.

Google Updates for SEO Marketing

Google’s search algorithm comes with the latest updates. Because SEO is an ongoing process, professionals in the field need to keep abreast of the most recent developments in the field to ensure that their methods will be useful in 2023 and beyond.

IT experts know that Google upgrades such as BERT (natural language processing),  would continue to change SEO by the year 2023. BERT signifies authoritativeness, expertise, and trustworthiness, with its release about three years ago.

Third-party Cookie Depreciation

Disabling cookies from untrusted sources raises new concerns about data protection and consent management.

The Cookies 

There will be two types of cookies in the future:

The first focusses on marketing to pre existing customer groups

Another category to track and target new customers.

Both provide substantial advantages and  factored into any successful marketing approach.

Marketers have a great potential to increase website traffic. They do without using third-party cookies because personal data collection isn’t essential for SEO. It’s important to keep in mind that SEO is a time-consuming process and to begin as soon as possible.

Google zero-click Pages

Roughly half of all searches can be complete without an organic click.  Perform Zero-click searches in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Recently, zero-click searches have grown increasingly. This is due to the proliferation of new search engine results page (SERP) features.  They provide consumers with access to a variety of widgets along with organic results. Google’s Direct Answer and Knowledge Panel are two instances of SERP elements that aid with “zero-click” searches.

How do online marketers ensure that their sites will continue to earn natural search engine results page views? You may want to focus on other aspects of search engine optimization in certain cases.  Suppose, the feature you want to rank for with your target term (such as a Direct Answer or Knowledge Panel) already exists, what to do? Include more long-tail keywords or content that caters to a wider range of consumer needs. It is essential to keep in mind the importance of providing readers with useful information when writing. If your content is worthwhile, people will keep coming back to your website.

We strongly suggest using SEO marketing tools and insights. They will help you start in case you do not have a team to back you up. Or else, take help from experts. To complete custom made Technical SEO services along with the best web design services to impress your audience, we can cater to your requirements.