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Social Signals can improve website SEO. Here’s How

Feb 22, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessSmartHatch BY SmartHatch
Feb 2023



Social signals - The best SEO signals in social media.Heard about Social Signals? Do you know how social signals for SEO are used for websites, mobile applications, and IT products and services? The impact is unbelievably powerful and as website developers in Dubai, we have been awed by this. Its impact is simply powerful and every Dubai business website we work on has gained positive results for this too.

Social signals or social media signals are basically metrics revealed on the wide plethora of social media channels. They indicate a lot of things and that is what we would like to detail.


What are Social Signals on SEO?

The metrics used on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter indicate a profile’s influence and authority is referred to as social signals. It includes all the actions that define user management. Following are the different social signals which indicate to search engines that your clients have endorsed its brand via social media engagement.

  • Facebook likes or shares for posts and pages
  • Twitter based Tweets mentioning the brand name, retweets, and conversations
  • YouTube views, likes, and comments for the videos featuring your product or service
  • LinkedIn recommendations and followers
  • Foursquare check-ins at your business location
  • Comments on blog articles are small conversations or opinions

These are a few mentions that have to be looked into in detail by professional digital marketers.  You know whether your SEO efforts are being utilized in the right direction. To start with, check your Google analytics and take note of the signals that we are detailing further on.


What do Social Signals mean for website SEO and Google ranking?

The influence of these social signals on SEO due to the immediate actions of users on social media platforms is listed below.

Increases organic traffic  

To get higher rankings on Google, high quality traffic is needed for our website. Social media is the easy and best choice to get organic traffic to your website. Search ranking will increase once your website visitors increase. This will improve the chances of receiving higher quality traffic. You are more likely to be considered a strong and relevant source by a search engine if you have a significant amount of followers on social media and they actively engage with your content. By sharing you can make your content visible to a larger audience which guides them to your site. And if these visitors also share your content then the website traffic increases even more.

Builds Authentic Links

Backlinks are necessary and a valuable factor for SEO. Creating share-worthy content for your followers and visitors is one of the fundamental aspects of link building. These links should come from a trusted social media account. Content could rank higher in search rankings. Good content naturally gets more exposure and more shares. By participating in online forum discussions on Google answers, Reddit, Quora, etc you can boost the chances of getting inbound links.  This study has given some interesting pointers for any digital marketer to work upon.  Then provide comprehensive, valuable comments or answers. With this, add a link to your website. It should look genuine and not fabricated. This will enhance people’s engagement to learn more about the content.

Boosts Domain Authority  

Domain authority is one of the search engine rankings which predicts how well a website will rank on a search engine’s result page. Social signals directly influence domain authority. However, a trusted social media account with higher engagement is differently interpreted by search engines than a lower engaged account. An account with a strong social media presence is more valuable and it will get a higher rank than its competitors. Thus active presence on social media and engaging content posting label your efforts as a knowledgeable source in the field as per the search engines.

Encourage Brand Visibility

Small businesses should incorporate social media into SEO strategies to achieve brand exposure. When large people engage with your business related posts on their social media platforms, thin can enhance your brand’s visibility. In addition to this, social signals can improve customer loyalty and brand trust. For example, clients may watch your business as a trustworthy and valuable source when they see many people engaging with your business posts on social media. Then they will be less hesitant to take action and click, which increases organic traffic and helps your branded search ranking.

Indirect Effects

You can indirectly increase the brand’s weight and improve your search engine optimization. Social media discussions generate inbound links and citations which can play into Google’s algorithm. Generating engagement with your website through the savvy use of social media signals can increase traffic and decrease your bounce rate. This will lead to a longer dwell time on your website and tends the customers to repeatedly visit the site. The lifespan of your social media posts heavily depends on search engines. Social media backlinks from shares can improve engagement rates through metrics such as the number of reposts, comments, etc.

A  Quality Indicator

The number of likes/shares /follows for your social media posts is an indication of the quality. These social engagement signals tell the search engine how relevant and interesting your page’s content is for the customers. You can entice readers to continue to engage with the content by adding a social share widget to the content that displays sharing tactics. It becomes more credible for the search engines if your SEO based content has more social media links. Positive user behavioral engagement is an important thing in SEO. This helps to build trust in your business for the users. It’s easy to show your authentic, human side and effective brand story telling to users through these social signals.

Increased Browsing Time 

Social signals can improve the average time people spend on a website. A high number of likes, shares, and comments indicate that people are highly engaged with your content on the platform. This can make your SERP ranking go up as search engines look at social signals are recommendations. Strong content, Daily posts, campaigns, and contests on your social media platform leads to increased browser time for the users.

Can Social Signals Determine What Is Best For The User?

To determine what is best for the user, Google utilizes many work hours to make tweaks to their algorithms. Social signals help to find out what is best for the user. Let’s see a hypothetical example. Say, there are two websites that are equal to Google’s point of view. These websites publish content on the same day and this content reaches the same amount of internet searchers. The amount of social signals one content receives over another is a vital indicator. We can understand which website had more useful content for the user. As the user tells them in a direct way, it helps Google to understand the best.


How does SmartHatch Dubai use Social signals for web development purposes?

It is true that we are a professional Dubai IT website development and web design company. However, we are just not conventional developers, we are result centric. For any website to be market worthy, it has to have the right SEO into it. For this, we dive into social media signals to find how to optimize our Seo efforts and give our clients the best.

From the core codes to the web design, our portfolio is a mélange of user friendly, and creative IT ideas to help the website be sales lead friendly. We track our social signals to optimize each page; obtain Google ranking and have enriched content. That would naturally leverage sales and Google ranking.

In case, you are in a dilemma and figuring out how to rank your Dubai website – we can discuss and give your strategy map for the same.  Connect and know how to revamp websites and mobile apps in a future ready manner.