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How to boost Website Engagement with Actionable Web Design elements?

May 26, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessSmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch
May 2023

Understand Website Engagement &Web Design Strategically.Website Engagement has been noted to be one of the most influential metrics on a website when it comes to better site visits, noticeable sales, and more prominent Google search rankings.  Today, websites are much more than a bundle of codes.  People need to feel that the website adds value to the time spent on it. At Smarthatch Dubai, our web design services have always been geared to step up the curve. We ensure eye appealing graphics and realistic website engagement strategies are enforced on every website. This helps build a consistent user engagement for the website.

Do you know that almost 70% of online users stay on a website and even return back to it, when the website engagement is done right? 

Here are some tips to use the right web design elements to leverage the website engagement metrics. If you are a marketer, you can use this guide or we could give personalized guidance. Our IT experts will guide you on how to redesign your website and consequently boost sales.

What is website engagement?

It can be defined as the extent up to which a website can display a brand, product, or service in the most innovative and aesthetic manner to the website visitor.  If the website design and content showcase can connect and also appeal to the user, then that is web engagement. If the user feels like staying on, browsing, retuning back, and even sharing or recommending the website, then the website engagement strategies can be deemed as successful.


Why does web engagement matter for a website?

  • Your Virtual Impression protects you: To start with, your website will speak for you. So, to specify, it is website engagement activities that make them linger on the site. Hence, the more engagement, the more noteworthy user engagement can be witnessed.
  • User friendly sites are always preferred:  Along with intuitive web development services, we make sure that the web design is user friendly too. If the visitor can access the website on their laptop and Smartphone with the same comfort level and assurance, what does it mean? No doubt, your website engagement is user-friendly, thereby allowing people to spend more time on your site.
  • Sales Conversions and Website Engagement go hand in hand: When users are familiar with how to browse and use the website, engagement happens. This could be by way of clicks, comments, downloads, purchases, shares, etc.
  • Google Ranking: As a matter of fact, every website aims to reserve a safe spot on the first page of Google searches. One of the parameters for this to happen would be website engagement. When Google, crawlers note the increase in site visitors, and more valuable content with high quality web design, the rating of the website increases. That would help the website to rank organically.


17 Must Try Web Design Tips to increase your website engagement


Have A Simple Layout For Your Homepage

When designing a website, choose a simple layout for your homepage. Website builders such as Weebly or WordPress offer different pre-built templates for customers, both free and paid. By checking those layouts and browsing other reference sites, you can start creating an engaging layout.

Add Live Chat For Real Time Assistance

Long response time for the website will lead to a bad user experience. Customers are more likely to buy when the brand answers their queries in a quick time. By implementing live chat, the impact of long queue time can be reduced. Live chat is the best website engagement tool and it enhances website conversation by handling multiple chats.

Use White Space adequately in your web design

Overcrowding is a complete “No” when you work on a web design project. Customers will not feel engaged when every inch of a site is covered. It will create confusion among them as they wouldn’t know where to interact. Using proper White spaces helps channel visitors to give attention to all pages evenly.

Choose Colors Strategically

Use colors wisely to make an attractive engaging website. Colors that clash or overwhelm the page can reduce the level of user engagement on your website. Try to use a two-color pallet for your site and if you have colors in the logo, use the same on the website. The right color combinations give direction and focus enabling better website engagement. Have you checked the latest web development trends this time?

Use Easy-To-Read-Fonts

Make sure to use the right-sized fonts for your webpage. Fonts like Arial are easier to read digitally. For the print version, choose Times New Roman. You can use a minimum a of 16-point font size. Always quality to assess the comfort level of a user.

Intuitive Website Navigation initiates smooth user engagement

Make sure that every page of your site should be accessible from the navigation menu. Visitors will easily find what they want and enhance their web engagement level. Pyramid navigation is the best choice because search engines can easily crawl through it and you will get a better rank in search results.

Watch Google Analytics

Always make sure of Google Analytics  to understand the results of your web design strategies. You watch when, how and for which sections for the website – people actually engage. This will help you redesign on those areas.

Compelling CTAs creates user engagement

It is difficult for the users to engage and convert with your page if it does contain CTA’s. Create each call-to-action on your site as distinct and prominent. Use a catchy and actionable text for the CTA’s and it should be personalized to your visitors at each stage of your sales funnel.

Add Internal Links To Your Content

If the user wants additional information, then link the content to other relevant information on your site. They can follow the link you provided and they spend less time searching for the required information. These internal links help to improve user engagement because it ensures a longer stay of visitors on your site and gives them an increased chance to convert.

Use attractive Multimedia

Visitors are more likely to interact with an image or video than text. Likewise, use images to describe examples and statistics and make use of videos to show the processes. Including multimedia will boost your social media presence and enhance traffic to your site.

Intuitive Social Media Widgets

In case, a site visitor likes your content, they would want to share it on their social media pages. For this, a website should have social media widgets for easy website engagement purposes. This will drive more organic traffic, more sales leads, and more virtual goodwill.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Mobile compatibility is an important factor in determining web traffic. If the website is not mobile responsive, that can reduce user engagement. Resize images, videos, fonts, and colors to suit all devices and platforms. This way your audience can engage from anywhere.

Site Aesthetics matter

Using the best web design services means that the website should look seamless, clean, and easy. Therefore, Website engagement happens when the site aesthetics go as per plans. For instance, place links to blogs, and contact us at the right locations. Use heat maps to know how to catch their attention.

Make Loading Time Faster

Instantly loading a website boosts customer satisfaction and increases web engagement. A delay can make the user bounce away and reduce the conversion rate. The tools like GTMetrix can help to get website speed suggestions and enhance user engagement and conversions.

Clear Brand Messages leverage website engagement

Brand messaging indicates what your brand promises to its users. While creating a website always deliver the right message. Because that will resonate with your customers. A website engagement strategy that depends on the brand’s messaging can enhance the visibility of your business among customers.

Understand Your Target Audience

Subsequently, one of the good website engagement ideas is to capture insights into the preferences of the target audience. You can find out customers’ interested content by conducting a survey. Certainly, the feedback from the users will help you to identify the areas where you need improvement for better website engagement.

Highlight Your Social Presence

Users always look for the stats or check out the social proof when they land on any website. Digital marketers use Reviews, star ratings, and testimonials to leverage their social presence. Most importantly, including social proof in your website design strategy develops trust.  In other words, it helps your business to increase sales.

To Conclude

Website Engagement is a masterpiece in itself because this metric can come to life only when you handle web design well. If your web design has gained attention, that will lead to user engagement or web engagement. If you have focused on the points we have discussed above, we suggest you check whether your existing website has all these parameters. Further, if the website engagement is low,  you can always approach our team. Our experts will identify the red flags in the website design and rectify them. If you want to power up your business, it is time to power up your website engagement strategies too.