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Latest Blog

ERP Solutions: Understanding Enterprise Resource Planning Better

Mar 23, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessIT ERP productsSmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch
Mar 2023

ERP Solutions – The Smart way to Business ManagementHave you used ERP Solutions for your business?  In one word,  Enterprise Resource Planning software systems are the future to support businesses at various levels of workflow and event management planning. Knowing about it in detail is crucial to hop to the next level of organizational excellence.

We have been uplifting companies in Dubai with intuitive and totally custom made ERP Solutions so that they can be more efficient, and effectively exist within the competitive realm of business.

Our ERP Software Services Dubai covers all aspects of ERP. 

It encompasses intuitive Digital Transformation, Cost-Effective Big Data Systems, Data Analytics, and impressive Robotic Process Automation systems.

If you are looking for a complete ERP Solution for your business, our ERP experts for UAE can guide you in a systematic manner.  Alongside this, take a minute to understand what Enterprise Resource Planning is all about.


What is an Enterprise Resource Planning System?

ERP Software was put into working environments to ease the chaos in management for companies. It will help to integrate all major functions from core planning, HR, inventory control, and finance under one platform.

Features of ERP Solutions

  1. Businesses are  equipped to design their own bespoke computer systems.  ERP Solutions are executed through procuring and assembling separate software modules. Subsequently, that process is tailored to their operational requirements and technological capacities.
  2. Each block is responsible for the operation of a certain sector of your business and carries out a constrained set of functions.
  3. This framework gives your business machine some much-needed organization while also greatly boosting its power.
  4. The majority of the time, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions will integrate building blocks for product creation, sales, suppliers, brand promotion, accounting, and human resource management.
  5. On the other hand, today’s enterprise software solutions are not only diversified but also ubiquitous and can cater to the requirements of virtually every company.
  6. All that is required of you is to recruit the assistance of an experienced developer who will augment your conventional platform with bespoke building blocks.


Key Takeaways of ERP Solutions


Streamlined Work Systems

Put the confusion that exists in the workplace behind you. Your staff members need not be in the dark and will not make mistakes that are financially detrimental owing to a lack of information or incorrect data.

Focused Communications

Your enterprise resource planning software will provide accurate and reliable instructions that will be followed by every worker. Consequently, you can reduce the time explaining to each worker what they should do, when they should do it, and how they should do it. This will make your managerial responsibilities much easier.

Business Process Automation

Typically, once the team takes assistance from AI and ML tools, repetitive tasks are considered carefully.

Ideally, they can devote their efforts to creative ideas.  The outcome would mean optimizing their professional potential to the core.  It’s a big deal as your staff would feel motivated to perform better.

Sensible Data Analytics

At SmartHatch, we always empower our ERP software solutions with the perfect set of data analytics.  In coordination with our web development services, we also ensure that the backend analytics are set to ensure proper networking, and data report formations to enhance website performance.

Website Performance Highlights

The advanced corporate ERP software can pinpoint a dozen performance measures that are reflective of the success of your endeavor. Receiving regular reports will give insights into how to enhance the operations within your organization to obtain better results.

Easy access to ERP Solutions

The ability to access the system from any location, thanks to mobile applications and cloud services, provides employees with the versatility to complete duties in a timely manner. Go remote, get on the cloud ERP and be in the loop of every integral business conversation, meeting, and planning phase.

Perfect for All Departments

ERP software is not just for the IT department. Whether you want to monitor your stock, manage your cost, reduce wastage, record staff performance, pay taxes and market your business, this is perfect.  We always suggest using tailor-made ERP software, as we build the same as per the specific business needs.


What are the Types of ERP Systems?

Our ERP solutions will consist of the following:

On-premise ERP Software

In this case, the location where the program is installed is crucial, as was mentioned earlier. The client’s own gear and servers host the on-premise ERP software, as the name suggests. The corporation has the right to use the software. The ERP system is fully under the company’s management and upkeep. Since the software is not accessible remotely; users must be physically present at the installation site. Traditional ERP systems use on-premise ERP.

Cloud-based ERP Software

In this scenario, a user can access the cloud via the Internet as the program is viewable easily.  The service provider always owns and administers the entire functioning of the software in the cloud.  You, as a user, do not own the software or any hardware associated with it; rather, you pay a subscription fee on a monthly or annual basis in order to use the product. Because you have to pay for the service, this business model is officially the “pay-as-you-go model”. As a result, cloud ERP  is the SaaS model — which stands for software as a service.

There is still the possibility of having single-tenant cloud ERP as well as multiple-tenant cloud ERP within the realm of cloud-based ERP. In a concept known as multi-tenancy. Basically, a single instance of the software is perfect for use by several different companies at the same time. This indicates that the software, as well as the database, is shareable across other organizations. You can provide the user credentials to the specific user.  They can access the portion of the hardware specifically designated for your organization.

Each company will run its own instance of the ERP software if the model is a single-tenant one. You will receive hardware that is solely yours. Both of these examples involve organizations that do not truly own any hardware. On the other hand, the organization will host the software on a cloud-based system.

Hybrid ERP Solutions

As the name indicates, it is a logical combo of on-premises and Cloud-based ERP solutions.  That way you meet the boons of both types mentioned above.


Where can you find ERP Solutions today?

A large company in Dubai, for instance, might be using an ERP system from the 1990s. They’ve recently decided to launch an online store. They need a cloud option, but their on-premise ERP software is essential for managing finances and stock. We help to set an e-commerce mobile app and then host it in the cloud. Users usually link this to their existing ERP.

Large companies have been using highly tailored on-premise ERP software systems for some time, but need something better now.  Now, are you looking for more nimble and cost-effective solutions to match their evolving needs? You can benefit greatly from adopting a hybrid ERP model. After learning about the many ERP options from our Dubai erp solutions experts, your in-house team will gain better clarity.


We can help you find the best ERP Solutions in Dubai

With companies working remotely and across boundaries, managing teams is a chore indeed. We have been providing ERP solutions to ease the hitches in HR, Payroll, Logistics, Marketing, and so many other departments.  Find the optimal ERP software to suit your business need, after talking to our experts.