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13 Proven Ecommerce Trends for Online Businesses

Dec 21, 2021 POSTED IN BusinessDigital Marketing BY SmartHatch
Dec 2021

The most effective eCommerce trends for use on online platforms Ecommerce trends have taken the red carpet in the online shopping scenario! It’s crazy, yet true. Indeed, online businesses are taking over the physical store businesses. So, if you are re-strategizing your business, or planning to rebrand your business, we have solutions. This is what you ought to expect in 2022.

Surely, you must have noticed that the pandemic has darkened sales for many of the traditional stores. This applies to any industry. If a few have revived, it is because they reached out to their target audience via online shopping and social media platforms. So, before it is too late, you better strike the right strategy for eCommerce. Our study shows how your eCommerce business can thrive successfully in 2022.

Fantastic eCommerce trends that could be deal-breakers in 2022

Chatbots top e-commerce trends

You can’t avoid this one! Chatbots are the trendsetters, and you better tag along with this for a profitable online shopping scenario. Customers need quick responses, and chatbots fulfill this purpose perfectly. Over, 60% of online customers have felt satisfied when chatbots give personalized answers.

Simplified Ui/Ux designs

Uncomplicated online eCommerce website designs are a must-have among eCommerce trends today. The less fuss, the less navigability, which ensures that people will shop online for a longer time. Keep the contrast colors clear, direct them clearly on how to pick, pay, and checkout in a minimalistic style.

Augmented Reality Shopping

The try before you buy online digital experience has had a significant impact on the way people like to shop online today. These innovative solutions are one of the most in-demand e-commerce trends.

Online shoppers can try to see if it fits them before they buy it. This online shopping trend has immense potential to increase customer loyalty, as people love to engage in a physical store experience.

The Online Shopping Experience

Today, online shoppers are educated and aware of what they need. For this, they need a value-added experience to make their final choices. It could be via smart comparison, reviews of customers, product ratings, explainer videos, customer support, and much more.

This enhances the probability of retail products. This hyper-personalized, convenient experience makes eCommerce websites a preferred shopping medium for many.

Visual Communication

To see is to believe. Research states that visual communication is more powerful than pure literature scripts. That makes visual communication a significant entry point into 2022 eCommerce trend lists.

Be dramatic, be communicative, and reach the customer’s heart. That is the essence of visual communication. They can fulfill only this if brand teams brainstorm to go the extra mile and get candid in their visuals. From the web design to your marketing shoutouts, trust us—visuals do the talking!

Voice Commerce

If they inspired your eyes, the next inspirational eCommerce trend is the voice eCommerce factor. How many of you love to hear motivational videos, calm music, and expressive sound tones? It instigates positivity, happiness and adds a new touch to the simple concept of online shopping.

For instance, if you are a fan of Ranbir Kapoor, Virat Kohli, or perhaps Tom Cruise, you would love to hear their voice. Hence, if one of your preferred brands uses their voice, you would pay attention. Simply put, voice commerce encourages engagement, social media excitement, etc. In fact, this is one area that pushes offline communication into the dark end of advertising.

M-commerce shopping

Do you know that almost 7 billion people own their smartphones globally? Talk about Gen Z. They live off their gadgets. So, that’s why M-commerce, or mobile eCommerce, has to be part of your upcoming eCommerce trends in 2022.

From mobile recharges, electricity bills, bank transfers, and online shopping, customers prefer to use mobile payments, mobile banking modes, and, of course, mobile-friendly apps.

Social Media Interaction: latest e-commerce trend 

What is the hype behind Social Media Interaction? Today, it is your sure-shot way to interact with your online target audience. That is why it seems to have entered the emerging trends in eCommerce.

Through social media, companies can interact and engage with their audience. They convert conversations into leads through social media. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, they all facilitate the same purpose. So, go omnichannel and rock your eCommerce sales rapidly.

Influencer Marketing 

Another option for grabbing attention on social media is Influencer Marketing. This has been a proven eCommerce trend for customer retention and generating more sales. Influencers are people who endorse your products and services over social media. They need to have a vibrant viewership base, and their personalities should influence online shopping purchase decisions.

Today, influence marketing helps eCommerce websites and online portals connect with people across various boundaries. They leverage the visibility of the company.

The SaaS Shopping Process

Today, they deliver anything under the sun via a website. Through eCommerce platforms, tailor-made security software, automated work processes, hospital management systems, and quality control systems are being sold. In addition, orders are processed, monitored, and augmented. They can retain customers because of such speed and transparency, combined with customer-centric solutions.

Simultaneously, understanding customer interest in data analytics and artificial intelligence technology is essential. It can make an eCommerce website more intuitive and proactive.

Seamless Payment Gateways

An equally important eCommerce trend that needs to be looked out for in 2022 is online payment gateways. Undoubtedly, mobile shopping has done wonders in M-commerce. Likewise, the same results from seamless payment gateways. Furthermore, as the pandemic still looming, people prefer contactless, secure payment gateways.

From groceries to medicines, air flight booking, fashion, food ordering apps, they are all promoting online shopping. Today, retailers can survive because of the flexible and secure payment options on eCommerce platforms.

Eco-friendly packaging

Sustainable shopping and living is a part of eCommerce trends all over the world. For this, eco-friendly packaging is one necessary factor to push online shopping sales to the next level. With terms like veganism rocketing up Google searches, people have high awareness levels. Currently, people gravitate toward eCommerce platforms for eco-friendly options.

Convenient Personalization

Ecommerce trends have outperformed the traditional style of shopping. Moreover, people who shop online enjoy their privacy. Ecommerce has facilitated the personalized feeds mechanism. Additionally,  they note customer choices and similar purchase options will subsequently be listed.

Indeed, this ensures better customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Research shows personalized products have better lead conversions.

On a Final Note

To sum up, the latest commerce trends will lead to an enormous customer base. Believe it or not, you have just read through all the top eCommerce trends that will have to be part of your branding strategy in 2022. Moving with the trend is the crucible for online platforms to sustain, survive, and overpower their competitors. The above cues for eCommerce sales should be implemented. Indeed, you can see the results too. With our expertise, we have been able to scale e-commerce platforms in Dubai.