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Why do SMEs need to outsource Website Development?

Sep 14, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessSmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch
Sep 2023

Why Outsource Website Development is great for any business?To outsource Website Development is often a decision that many small companies make. They work smart within the limited resources that they have and the first step would be – to outsource a professional website development team in Dubai.

Often when any entrepreneurial journey starts, there are so many things to do and that requires time and expertise.  However, if you take help from an expert hand to manage your IT entities, then it will benefit you a great deal.

SMEs and The Need to Outsource Website Development Dubai

You have done the analysis, and market study, hired a few skills to market, and are all set to scale up your business. Right?  Now, whether you fall into the category of startups or even small businesses in the UAE, it means a lot of hard work.

One thing to understand is that the IT department is one area that needs a lot of expertise, and security. You need to hire web development or website management experts who actually are responsible for taking care of your business needs.

SME Needs

All the work needs to be done from scratch.

You need to manage your marketing, HR, customer services, finance, and planning zones with care.

You may not have an IT expert in house or it may be too expensive to accommodate a team as of now.

SMEs have to launch products, build their ORM value, and even expand their customer base.

99% of the time, resources, time, and finance are the biggest problems when it comes to small companies.

When it comes to website responsibilities, data storage, and data security, SMEs should have experts handling the work.

In short, no one can plan better for the business than the founder. So, let the experts handle that side of the game. Moving on, if you have the support of IT professionals in Dubai and outsource website development teams, then they can do the backend work better than you can imagine.

Why does an SME need to outsource website development companies?

Cost Effective

Here, when a company decides to outsource website development, it means that they can save on a lot of economic resources like the technical aspects. So, you do not need to invest in top quality printers, computers, and other accessories, etc. Plus, there is no need to purchase the best technologies or skills as you can them at lower rates from the outsourcing company.  By all means, we like to remind you that when you hire the best outsourced website development companies in Dubai, it means that it is cost effective but will never affect the work quality.  So, financially speaking, you can save about 65% of the costs in this way.

Outsource website development for expertise

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to doing any work. On associating with a professional website development team in the UAE, you get a multi skilled team to help you out. They have been working with many clients, many industries, and many websites. This gives them authoritative expertise to guide you on how to develop, design, and streamline the website. When you opt to outsource expertise, it means that your website will be running in good condition.

Enhanced Support and Security

When you work with an outsourced IT Team, it is way more productive than an in house team. You can delegate work to your team only during working hours. Whereas, in this contract, they are responsible for helping you whenever you need. So, that means enhanced security by experts always.  Whether you face complex or simple issues or some troubleshooting issues, professional IT teams like the SmartHatch Quality Team will back you up.

Risk Mitigation

A lot of organizational technological risks can be mitigated when companies work with such professionals. In due course, as a lot of hitches, and technical gaps are fixed on time, this brings on greater efficiency to the entire workflow system of the company. Whether you are a startup in Dubai or a large scale manufacturing unit in UAE,  risks will be kept away in the most professional and organized manner. This is because a good outsourced website development team will provide detailed data, a reporting system, and guidelines. They evaluate your IT systems professionally. This continual transparency is what keeps the systems protected.

Updated Skill Sets

By collaborating with the best outsourced website development team,  a company need not worry about choosing the right skill sets for the work. The team is already trained and experienced in handling IT works of various industries and client requirements. So that means you have saved on your training costs and hiring costs too.

Focused Planning Efforts

Last on our list would be to focus on business planning. A company at any stage has to grow and this requires planning. If you have a competent outsourced website development team to monitor and maintain the systems, then the business can taken care of in a more augmented manner by the core management. Or else, in case you want to cut down the costs, you can have a small in-house IT personnel and have the outsourced IT team guide on what needs to be done too.

Moving on, let’s check out which companies really grew well with the help of Outsourced Website Development Teams

5 Global Companies That Outsource Website Development Solutions


WhatsApp has quickly become the go-to option for users looking to maintain contact with friends, family, and, more recently, businesses. Facebook spent 19 billion dollars to acquire WhatsApp so that it could eliminate a potentially dangerous competitor to its Messenger app. Before Facebook, Mountain View, California took over the offices of WhatsApp only housed thirty employees. The majority of whom were responsible for customer service. WhatsApp’s technical and development teams were located in Russia at the time. In point of fact, the initial development had to work out to a Russian independent contractor named Igor Solomennikov, who was later hired permanently.

Slack and outsourced website development

Another multibillion-dollar company recently began contracting out the production of its software by going the outsourcing route. Slack is the communication channel. Startups and smaller businesses utilize this frequently. It has more than 12 million users who are active on a daily basis. The majority of us are unaware that Slack outsources a significant portion of its design.  Despite this fact, we admire the platform for its user-friendliness, clean aesthetic, and modern logo. The company’s founders decided to hire a design agency to help them perfect their early prototype, as well as create their company logo, website, and mobile and web applications.


The strategy that Google uses to outsource work demonstrates that even the largest team of developers in the world, which consists of 89,000 people, needs the perspectives that come from outside talent in order to truly advance and innovate. They have, in fact, contracted out the management of their customer service. They made the decision to use outsourced customer service representatives for their AdWords advertisers a few years ago. According to a report from 2011, there are one thousand reps located in 60 different countries. By 2018, approximately half of Google’s workforce consisted of independent contractors rather than in-house employees.


Alibaba produces the majority of its goods in China. It has thousands of factories so that it can maintain its low prices. Outsourcing its original website layout and development job to a U.S. based company allowed Alibaba to grow. Today it is such a behemoth as we see. The company surpassed the 54.5 billion USD mark in 2019. To be clear, the lack of qualified Chinese developers was not the reason for Alibaba’s decision to outsource to the United States.


The popular open-source coding site, boasts a community of 23 million developers and contributors. They needed assistance with website design. However, lacked the resources to hire a full-time staff of web designers. As it expanded into a global player, they recruited top engineers from around the world. By hiring a freelance consultant to handle the site’s backend, GitHub got many benefits. They could get their hands on the most talented person in the field. They could lay the groundwork for the site’s most valuable feature.

That quite sums up the benefits of why a company needs to outsource a Website Development team for sure.  Go on, talk to our IT experts, and website development near you in Dubai, and make a way to be on top of Google searches soon.