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Twitter doubles their care to tackle abusers and offenders

Jul 28, 2018 POSTED IN BusinessTech BY blogger
Jul 2018



After removing millions of malicious apps and questionable accounts, Twitter is doubling down on trolls during live video broadcasts.

Twitter said Friday it will begin a “more aggressive enforcement” of its community guidelines, which do not allow comments promoting “abuse of other people or the disruption of another person’s broadcasting experience.”

Beginning August 10, Twitter says it will “review and suspend” repeatedly abusive accounts.

That is, when one viewer reports a comment as “abuse,” “spam” or selects “other reason,” Periscope’s software will then randomly select a few other viewers to take a look and decide if the comment is abuse, spam or if it looks okay. The randomness factor here prevents a person (or persons) from using the reporting feature to shut down conversations. Only if a majority of the randomly selected voters agree the comment is spam or abuse does the commenter get suspended.

However, this suspension would only disable their ability to chat during the broadcast itself — it didn’t prevent them from continuing to watch other live broadcasts and make further abusive remarks in the comments. Though they would risk the temporary ban by doing so, they could still disrupt the conversation, and make the video creator — and their community — feel threatened or otherwise harassed.

The current comment moderation policy of Periscope involves group moderation which basically suspends a user when majority viewers report a comment as abusive, TechCrunch reported.

The number of abusers on social media engines has started skyrocketing for a while.

The problem is not just with Twitter as Facebook also faces issues with such kind of users who, when disagreeing with a content, criticise it in an extremely harsh manner which goes beyond just showing the disappointment.

The loose mechanism which social media platforms have for eliminating such aggressive users creating trouble for others.