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Latest Blog

Top UX Design Trends to create Impressive Websites in 2021

Aug 25, 2021 POSTED IN DesignUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Aug 2021



Has a recent design blown your curious mind out of proportion and given the perfect Wow vibe? Well then, you can be sure that the UX design on that awesome digital space has nailed the job well!

User Experience Optimization is the basis of the 2021 UX designs for most successful digital service agencies on the global front.  Let’s dive into this creative realm, and see what are the most popular UX design trends this 2021

Exploring the most in-demand UI/UX design trends for optimal website engagement

Visitor engagements are the order of the day and that needs top-notch creativity. Check out popular UX designs that will help Digital Entrepreneurs get noticed effectively this 2021. If you have a vibrant customer base in Dubai and UAE, such UX design trends are definitely – the gateway to more sales conversions.

Simplified Designs:

Soft, subtle, innovative website design makeovers have been attracting tons of website visitors recently. Ironically, it has driven sales and, the audience connected well with the functionality, navigation, and design flow of the website. By simplicity, the design elements need to be elegant, functional and have a sophisticated font style to create that awesomeness.  

Voice Chatbots :

When Siri replies to you, aren’t your undoubtedly impressed? Date Analytics reports say ‘Yes’, as visitors love this engagement style. Therefore, in 2021, with most of the world working from homes, AR and voice-based solutions are an upcoming UX design trend to adopt for all websites and Ecommerce owners.

Ideal Minimalism:

Today, reducing clutter, strategic infusion of negative spaces, bright colors, and soft visual aesthetics are some of the hottest preferences of digital users on the global front. During the pandemic, most people are living lives off the screen and they love a dose of new, creative, minimal designs to refresh their mundane lifestyles.

Relatable Imperfections:

Less drama and more personality-driven designs are in high demand today. About 4 years before, picture-perfect digital spaces were considered the right website design. Today, the tables have changed and Imperfections are gorgeous. In 2021, a UX designer will have to embrace more asymmetrical web layouts, freehand pictures, and robust color combinations. They add a dash of uniqueness, youthfulness, and emotional connection to the viewer. Trust us; you will be part of the Google Searches with ease!

Ready to shift into the 2021 Web Designing Trends?

Depending on your theme, your online target audience in UAE and across the globe; think of self-crafted visual UX designs that speak for you. The above-mentioned trends are professional and lean towards being more realistic, fresh, and connected to the audience. Apart from this, the world has also fallen in love with 3D graphical representations and Parallax drawings on user interfaces. If you are at any point searching for UX design agencies that represent your quality, our experts will be happy to get in touch with you. We have been formulating the right UX design strategy to align with the product architecture for our clients worldwide. Get to experience customized website design professionalism this 2021.