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Top 15 Technological Trends 2023 to Note

Dec 09, 2022 POSTED IN AppleBusinessDesignTechUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Dec 2022

Top Technological Trends to watch in 2023Our 2022 is almost done and these technological trends 2023 will help us walk into the New Year with more agility. Technology that evolves into new dimensions brings powerful changes to the business.  On a strategic note, we have always had an eye for innovative technology to augment website user experiences and website design services in Dubai for each of our clients. With constant study, we have brought in a lot of changes to the way each website runs and connects with the target audience. Moving into 2023 sure is a mixed bag of hopes and excitement. But do you prepare for this?  That’s what we have in store for you!  Do bookmark this list to find which tech trend would suit your business potential.

These are the most noted 15 Top Tech Trends to look out for in 2023 which will positively impact your business. We being the Website development experts in Dubai and giving worked with prominent companies and businesses have done our bit of research to educate you further.


Top Tech Trends for businesses in 2023



You might have seen and interacted with a Robot before. However, Robotics still remains a field with a scope that is beyond our imagination. In a few years, your food delivery boy will probably be replaced by a robot. What makes robotics such an exciting and interesting subject is because of how vast its applications are.

Today you can get house cleaning robots, talking robots, robotic drones, and much more. However, in the coming years, robots will be used in much more diverse fields. Some of these include the medical industry where they could assist with surgeries, manage labs, and much more. They can even be used in entertainment with lots of toy robots already hitting the market.  They are also expected to be used in the military sector as well.

Could robots possibly replace humans? It is a very interesting question but its one which requires a few more years to get a clear answer. However, many jobs in the service sector will certainly be automated in the future. They can execute this automation technology along with the best website development companies in Dubai. Expect Robots to be a big part of our lives in the future.


3D Printing

The 3D Printing is already one of the booming big technology trends 2023 is seeing right now. Analyzing facts at this moment, we can witness that a lot of companies are using 3d Printing for production purposes. Some of your favorite car companies like BMW, Ford, and so on are incorporating 3d printing techniques to build car parts. However, the influence of 3d printing is expected to increase tenfold in the coming future.

Dentistry is an area where 3d printing will have a significant impact. It is believed that crowns, molds, and many surgical guides will be 3d printed in the future. Also, 3d printed houses can take off. Even now, there have been reports of a few 3d printed houses as well. With better technology, 3d printing can become such an asset to all the humans out there.


Quantum Computing – Powerful Technology Trends 2023 to note

In the world of Quantum Computers, it involves machines that make use of quantum principles to solve complex problems. Quantum Computing is touted to be the next big thing in the field of computers. For those who seem to be confused about how quantum computers work a bit differently from the conventional computer systems that we have always seen, we have an explanation for this. Well, the answer is very simple.

Computers generally work using bits (0 and 1) to perform tasks. Usually, the data is either 0 or 1. Quantum Computing allows for bits to be in different states at a time. This means that they can be 0 and 1 simultaneously. This makes them much more efficient compared to traditional computers.

Quantum computers are currently used to optimize road traffic, simulations of molecules, weather forecasting, and much more. In the future, it is believed that they will be fond widely use in the medical industry with belief that they could help in potentially treating cancer.


Progress of Web3

Web3 is the future of the internet. Decentralization is the main idea behind Web3. It involves the use of Blockchains, NFTs, etc to give authority to the user. There is no requirement for any permissions and the concept of trust has no meaning as well. Since we are using cryptocurrency, there is a need for middle-party institutions like banks for financial transactions. This will help to reduce transaction fees and also make international payments much easier.

Additionally, data storage will be significantly improved on Web3. We won’t have to rely on the cloud server to back up and store all the information. The data will be stored in a decentralized manner and will be much safer as compared to leaving it on a cloud server. Also, the use of NFTs is expected to be much more prevalent in Technological Trends 2023. NFTs are quite secure and immutable. So if you make any digital purchases using NFT, it will remain with you until the end.


Green Technology

Green Technology is not something that we should strive for in my opinion, rather it is a necessity. A straightforward way to tackle the climate crisis would be to reduce carbon emissions. The first step towards achieving this would be to migrate towards cleaner fuels. As a responsible citizen, you can contribute your part by buying an electric vehicle instead of a petroleum one.

Moreover, power generation has to be decentralized as well. Think of how far the nearest power grid is from your home. If that distance is reduced, then it will significantly reduce carbon emissions as well as improve the efficiency of power transmission. Also, this will ensure that power is supplied even if the main grid is down or unavailable.


Wi-Fi 6

If you think further on, the Wi-Fi 6 is a considerable leap over its predecessor and will mark a significant evolution for wireless networking. Wi-Fi 6 offers better bandwidth capability as compared to Wi-Fi 5. If you are an online streamer or someone who plays a lot of video games on the net, you can immediately feel the difference Wi-Fi 6 makes as compared to its predecessor.

To be precise Wi-Fi 6 offers a max speed of approximately 9.6 Gbps which is almost thrice that of Wi-Fi 5 (3.5 Gbps). However, kindly note that this top speed is bound to be divided or shared across multiple devices. Additionally, latency can significantly come down and your game download will be over much faster the next time around. Another interesting aspect is that Wi-Fi 6 improves the capability of wireless networks to such an extent that you won’t realize the difference between wired and wireless connectivity. You can safely throw away that old ethernet cable you had saved.



We can consider the concept of Metaverse to be a virtual world that incorporates many technologies like Virtual Reality, Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc. Initially, there was a lot of suspicion against the idea of metaverse including from people like me but gradually people are being pulled towards the idea. There is a notion that by 2026, people will spend on average an hour a day on Metaverse.

Banks and Financial institutions are already making their presence felt on Metaverse. Lots of virtual meetings are already being conducted on the metaverse as well. It is also possible to make games or case scenarios to train employees and staff on how to deal with challenging situations. All of this is just scratching the tip of the iceberg that is Metaverse.


Autonomous Systems

You must have seen Robot Trucks in the supermarket helping to arrange the stuff. Well, most of these are bound to be operated by drivers and some are pre-programmed as well. However, in the near future, which includes 2023 and beyond, it is expected that autonomous machines will fully control the manufacturing industry.

Self-driving vehicles and trucks are expected to increase by 2023. This will help in much smoother traffic with possibly fewer collisions as well. Even the service industry will witness the influence of autonomous machines on a large scale. Soon, your Mcdonald’s and Uber eats delivery will be done by Drones and other unmanned vehicles.


Smart Devices

Smart Devices are already out in the market. However, I still believe there is a lot of untapped potential with regard to such devices. Many of us already have gadgets like smart watches, smart pens, smart bulbs, smart glasses, etc. In the future, we can hope for interconnectivity between these devices to create a so called “Smart Environment or Home”. This is possible with technology like the internet of things.

Imagine a sensor finding that the temperature is too hot which sends instructions to the fans to speed up. Likewise, depending on the light intensity, the function of the smart bulbs are adjusted to provide the optimum brightness in the room. This is the kind of future that is possible through smart devices.



It was only recently that I discovered that Datafication was not an actual dictionary word. However, it is a concept that is very important and interesting at the same time. Everything we do in the digital space like sending a message, making a call, capturing a photo, cash transfer, etc leads to the generation of data. Datafication is all about handling these data and using them to obtain valuable information. It is a field that can generate a lot of employment opportunities.


Extended Reality – Upscale the experience

Among the Technological Trends 2023, the concept of Extended reality includes everything from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and everything in between. VR gaming in fact has become quite popular and companies like Sony have in fact provided a VR headset with their Playstation consoles. Augmented Reality is not fully artificial like Virtual Reality but combines digital elements with the real environment. If you want to see Augmented reality in action, you can just play Pokemon Go.


Edge Computing

The next on our list is Edge Computing which solves issues with cloud computing like Latency and processing speed as well as bandwidth limitations. Here you do not need to transfer the data to a central data hub but to a center that is near the data source. It allows for much quicker analysis of data which in turn will lead to a better customer experience while improving the organization’s performance as well.


Cyber Security

Let’s be honest, cyber security has been around for a long time. However, it is a technology that is evolving significantly as well. Nowadays, lots of organization is facing threats from hackers. With this spectacular element in our Technological Trends 2023 insight, companies are investing a lot in cyber security measures. Cyber threats are consistently increasing and to fight against them, cyber security will have to keep evolving.



This is one of the Technological Trends 2023 and means everything related to Genes. By altering the makeup of the Genes, you can prevent many kinds of diseases and solve complex health issues as well. Also, the field offers both technical and non-technical job profiles. Moreover, a distinction has to be made between Genomics and Genetics as well which are two different things.



4G is still going strong and personally for us it changed the way how people used the internet. However, 5G has the possibility to be a monumental jump over 4G and it can offer download speeds up to 5Gbps. This is more than twice as fast as 4G networks. Right now, 5G has limited coverage, but you can expect that to increase in 2023 and beyond. Many cloud based gaming services like the Nvidia Geforce Now, will require that additional bandwidth offered by 5G technology.


Finally, where do we start absorbing Technological Trends 2023?

One at a time, you may have read through each of these. It is true that many of you have already heard these terms, but are they a part of your business? It is always best to take a few of these concepts so that you will have a scope to make your business better and study them further. Such  Technological Trends 2023 will be the trendsetters for the future. If you like to know more about how to build engaging websites and make your business bloom with the right web design, let our experts take you through the process,