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The man behind Virgin’s million dollar business

Jun 26, 2018 POSTED IN BusinessInspirationalLifestyle BY blogger
Jun 2018

Motivation is an essential trait that should be inherent and cultivated in all entrepreneurs. There might be times when all you had invested and all the efforts you’ve put in crumble down like a mountain. At that juncture, the only thing that may keep your head up and not lose all the hope is if you have motivation, the drive and thirst that moves you to action. Here is a success story of an entrepreneur who has built an empire from the scratch that might motivate you.

He is the only entrepreneur to build eight separate billion dollar companies in eight different industries and his net worth is $5 billion. It’s Richard Branson. Known for his daredevil personality, Richard Branson’s business venture included Virgin Megastores, Virgin Mobiles, Virgin Airlines and Virgin Galactic; the Virgin Spaceflight Company.
Having no interest in studies, he dropout from school at the age of 16 years to start magazine named “Student.” It was a mail-order record business. He made a quick buck by selling advertisements to local businesses.
He writes about the education in his book, Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School. He started selling mail records to the students who bought the magazine. His idea worked so well that within one year, he opened his own recording label and recording studio and named it as “Virgin Records.”
His record company witnessed a huge success as high profile performers like the Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols signed under the label. Branson became a millionaire by the age of 23. Nowadays, his Virgin Records is popularly known as Virgin Megastore.
Branson was in his late twenties and was going to Virgin Island to meet his girlfriend. At the airport, his final flight to the Virgin Island was cancelled because of some reason.
It was the last flight of the day and he was really desperate to go there, but he can’t unless he chartered a private airplane that can take him to the Virgin Island. But he didn’t have that much money and at that time, an idea clicked in his mind. He picked up a small blackboard and wrote “Virgin Airlines $29” on it. He sold the tickets to the people who too wanted to go to the Virgin Island.He used that money to pay for the chartered plane and everybody reached their destination with the help of “VIRGIN AIRLINES.” And after that, he acted upon that idea to make it the real business and founded Virgin Airlines.
This is the Ultimate lesson which we can learn from him, successful people start before they feel ready. They don’t wait for the perfect time to arrive and guaranteed success plan.
He lives his life with only one mind set and that is “Screw it, Let’s do it.” And he has even written a book on it name, “Screw it, Let’s do it: Lessons in Life.”
Today he owns more than 400 companies including many ventures, businesses, expeditions and various other business. But his educational qualification is too small for all this. He had never flown any plane and didn’t know anything about planes, but he started airlines anyway. Actually he was never prepared for the things he did in his life but he took the initiative anyway to make that happen and guess what? He was successful at every step!
So don’t waste all the time in making yourself prepared rather jump into the situation and act! Successful people are always ready to take off because they believe in learning while doing concept.
When you are working on something important, you will never feel ready, you’ve numerous doubts in mind and you’re pulled by the confusion and pushed by the excitement at the same time.
It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish, you want to write a book, start a blog, lose weight or anything. Always remember that the things or time you have right now is enough to make a good start.