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The Guide to Google Ads for Websites

Jul 12, 2022 POSTED IN BusinessDesignDigital MarketingUI/UXUncategorized BY SmartHatch

First time on Google Ads? Or probably, trying to understand; what is the right route to make those visits convert into lovely conversions? This is why you need to understand what to consider while placing Google Ads for your next project. It could help you to associate with the right Web development company in dubai, so that they enhance your business.

Did you know that more than 60,000 searches are being conducted on Google every second and each of these ranked pages will contain at least 1- 5 Google Ads? So, how is it possible to miss such an ad?

If you have not noticed this yet, try to search any web development company dubai and see how many companies will be listed. Out of these, at least 2 will be a Google ad and will be placed right at the top. So, you can’t reach the other website development agencies in the UAE without noticing this one. Can you? Well, this is no magic and not just something that you get out of money. While you read the blog,  some of the other terms that will catch your eye are the SERP and Keyword Planner.

Today, great businesses and small-time stores are making their way into the Google search rankings through many effective content strategies and a plethora of result-driven digital marketing techniques. One of the most used paid methods to build a customer base, and scale up is via Google Ads. It is relevant, powerful, and brings forward some seriously qualified sales leads and traffic.

If you are ready to dig into some hard-core sales, then it is best if you spend time on this fantastic blog that explains the various factors that you ought to consider while placing Google Ads. For a start, let’s just check out the definition of Google Ads, and how Google helps any website to reach the top page of the search rankings.

The Meaning of Google Ads

If you are a digital marketer or a startup owner who wishes to try your hand at this, we have the basics laid out for you.

  • It Costs Money: Paid Advertisements that come on Google searches are Google Ads.
  • Search-Based: Based on what you search on Google, the matching google ads will pop up
  • The Ad Label: The sponsored search results will appear on the SERP (search engine results page) and will be labeled as an “Ad “in bold letters.
  • Not Organic and right at the Top: There are two types of searches as per the Google algorithm. When you use Google Ads, it is meant to be promoted and hence is not organic. This will appear at the top of the page.

Want organic? Look Right Below: If by any chance, you do not want to spend on Google ads, your website may get listed and this is called Organic result. This is free but will appear only if your digital marketing team handles the keyword planner right.

Use right keywords in title and description for Google ad


How does Google Ads work for websites and eCommerce stores?

Whether you are here to learn from scratch or to improve your digital marketing skills, we have the right Google Ad checklist that will help get on the right track. This is like a chessboard, where the moves need to be right. If you have a web design company near you, then ask them to handle your Google Ads for improved website visibility and lead generation.

Pick the right keywords

Have you wondered how Google Ads works? Well, the entire process revolves around Keywords. They are small words, and phrases, which are connected with the business. Our team experts usually fix based on the searches. If the keywords are right, it means that the ad bids will be well spent. So, first, it is necessary to do your research. The more times a particular keyword gets listed, the shows it has a high potential. This determines your noticeability rate too.

Quality Content

Content quality for the keyword is a must. This is called the keywords match type in Google ads. The more accurate your keyword is, the more chances you get to be ranked on Google. Some settings used in the Keyword Planner are broad match modifier, exact match, broad match, and the phrase match. If you are still experimenting with the market, always go for a broad match. This means that even if a Google user types and y keyword, it may be useful for you. If your keyword is like their search and if you have placed this across your campaigns, it will give results. Any similarity will invite a sales lead.

Cost per Click

This is the amount you need to pay Google if someone clicks on your Google Ad. The higher the keyword quality, they will set the higher price.

Ad Bid

Google works on a bid system. As per the SERP, if your keyword is popular, your website may get clicked. Once clicked, you need to pay. But you can set the maximum amount you can pay for a certain keyword. That is the Ad Bid. So, if no one has clicked on your ad, you don’t pay. It allows you to improvise and bring in click-worthy keywords.

Advertisement Metrics

You don’t just keep spending everything on Google Ads. They guide you and keep you on track with what is happening and how they are calculating your payables. At the end of the day, your investments should yield good conversions. With Google Ads, you will understand the effectiveness of your SERP status. The metrics will track how many potential customers visited your website via the Google ad. It will also show how many people used the desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other smart devices. If they have tried to contact you after seeing the Google ad, it is good and will be part of the metrics collected. Such actions will help you understand your conversion rates.

Google Ad campaigns

Here, you need to select what type of Google Ad campaign you need to go for. It could those display ads  (image type ones), video ads (where about 4-6 videos from YouTube will be shown in the search result), and the all-time favorite Search ads (these are text ones and displayed right at the top of the searches.

Controlled Budgets

You can control your budget with Quality scores on Google. The more quality-focused keywords you target, your ad positioning will be more result-oriented and that will make your bids more effective. In Google, if you have a high-quality score, then the CTR will reduce eventually reducing costs. You can also control the expenses by choosing low competitive keywords for a start and then building up later.

SERP and Focus Specific

Quality keywords mean you need to think of the right Google keyword phrases that will match your target audience. That includes the ad group, search listing, and the past click rate metrics displayed on Google Analytics.

Negative Keywords

When you design a Google ad, never enter negative keywords like bargains, cheap, and low cost into your ad content. Such we can regard words or phrases as flagged-off words. They bring problems and hence may not bring results as required.

Craft good Ads

Keep your Ad content crisp stating what you do, the products and services, and the target. Ace your creative copywriting skills once you want to run a Google Ad campaign. Unless people click, you do not gate leads. So, focus on quality always.

Landing Pages

This is the page where the Ad will send the audience, so make it awesome. Make sure that your keywords and the landing page get connected. If not, they make feel look like a hoax and bounce right away. For instance, if you are advertising web designs for travelpreneurs and tour influencers, you need to send them to your portfolio section. That should be the landing page or the place where they see your past travel-related works. If you send them to the home page, they may feel confused.

Devices and platforms

Study and study more than normal. You are out to get business. So, before placing a Google Ad, you need to know where the ideal audience is. Now if you are advertising an old age homestay, you need to think about who will view this ad? Of course, it is for the aged people, but it would be their children who would view it. So, get your ad placed on smartphones and desktop versions so that you attract the youth segment ( like the 25+ age group) and also the middle age segment( the 40+ age group). For instance, as the web designing company dubai, we handle websites and their digital marketing segment too. If an online eCommerce store comes in for toys, we naturally project these smartphones and mothers between 28- 40 years, as they spend more time on social media and Google for their regular searches.

Google Analytics

Link your website to Google Analytics so that the team can note all the traffic, bounce rates, time, and devices used. The Analytics report is flexible and you can see all your campaigns under one roof.


Now, did we declutter your doubts a bit? It’s time to plan your next Google ad campaign. If you need any web development and web designing services in Dubai, you can get in touch with us. With over a decade of enriched expertise in building Google-ranked websites, our work is one of a kind. Take a look at our portfolio to see our success stories. If a website revamp is in your mind, we are most happy to set your content SEO perfect, and also revamp the UI/UX designs to the level best. Want us to run your next Google Ad campaign? Let us know.