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Latest Blog

Reimagining iPhone Experience with iOS14

Jun 23, 2020 POSTED IN AppleBusinessDesignLifestyleTech BY smarthatch
Jun 2020


At WWDC 2020, Apple today unveiled its new release of the iOS 14 – transforming some of the core elements of iPhone like never before!


WWDC 2020 – iOS14

Let’s take you through the features one by one.

From its previous design of folders, widgets and on-screen intelligence, Apple has this year brought in some fantastic changes with the introduction of the App Library.

iOS14_App LibraryThe app library is a new space that automatically organizes all apps that you need, bringing some order to the chaos. From those multiple pages and even more so apps on your phone, you can now get a zoomed-out view of all pages, hide pages you don’t need along with a search field to all your apps listed down in one simple step! The app library enables you to organize and launch apps directly with just a tap!

Next up, is the widget redesign.

Introducing different sizes with data-rich designs, widgets are now easily customizable as per your preference. Yet another fantastic feature is the widget gallery – A great space to find the widget of your choice! We also loved the smart stack feature that enables us to swipe through widgets, automatically providing your desired widget!

The Picture-in-Picture feature is by far the most awaited one and is definitely the clear winner on this release. Now you can continue enjoying your video or take a facetime call while you jot down notes or send that important message. The video stays with you on any screen that you swipe across!

Apple has also brought in a major update with its voice assistant, Siri. With a complete redesign, Siri is now way smarter and cooler. You can send audio messages and get help with translations as well with Siri.


Making conversations so much easier than before, Apple has also introduced its communication friendly app- ‘Translate’.

Also introducing a way to keep your main man messages pinned on is the new feature ‘Pinned messages’ – enabling you to pin your important messages and help it from getting lost in the crowd. Apple has also added super cool variations to its recently added memojis.

A feature we cannot help but love is the compact call notification – a pop up that helps us stay in context – simply tap to answer or flick it away to dismiss! This applies to all calls, be it your iPhone calls or VOIP apps like skype.

Bringing in some powerful improvements to groups,

Apple has incorporated inline replies in group messages, mentions, group display picture and recently active member amongst other updates.

Apple Maps, one of the best products yet to navigate, has some great improvements with better navigation, more accurate information and some great new features like cycling directions, EV routing etc. It has also introduced some brilliant features like

‘Finding great places’ and ‘New ways to get there’.

The CarPlay dashboard has got some decent updates as well with new wallpaper options and support for CarPlay apps.


Apple has also introduced CarKey, a new feature that allows you to wirelessly unlock your car with an iPhone over NFC! You can also share access with others via iMessage.

iOS 14_ App Clips

Making apps extendable and usable in whole new ways, Apple has introduced App Clips. Giving you the right app when you need it, an AppClip is a small part of an app – light, fast and quick to discover. You can use ApplePay for payments and sign in with Apple. This works great for your parking meters or QR codes. With a new apple clip code, all you have to do is tap or scan over them.


iOS14 is definitely promising some great updates and we can’t wait to try our hands on them!