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Play Pass by Google

Sep 24, 2019 POSTED IN BusinessDesignLifestyleTech BY blogger
Sep 2019

Just days after the launch of Apple Arcade, Google is introducing its own subscription game service.
The new service, called Google Play Pass, will give Android users access to more than 350 apps and games that are free of ads, in-app purchases and upfront payments.
Apple  and Google’s new services aren’t identical, however. Apple Arcade offers a catalog of over 100 exclusive games, while Google Play Pass will have apps and games that are already available on the Play Service, including Facetune and Stardew Valley. Both companies said new additions will be made to the services each month.
“The Play Pass collection spans hundreds of titles, from games that help you unwind to apps that power productivity,” Google product manager Austin Shoemaker said in an online post.
“Play Pass is coming to Android devices in the US this week, and we’ll be bringing it to additional countries soon.”
Some of the game titles included in the launch will be Terraria, Monument Valley, Risk and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Tech giants and media companies have also been more broadly experimenting with subscription services. For example, firms including Disney and NBC have announced plans for their own streaming video services. Meanwhile, Google has been building out Google One, a subscription service for consumers that gives people more storage for the company’s suite of apps, including Google Photos and Drive.