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Mobile Cloud Computing: Importance & Advantages

Nov 21, 2022 POSTED IN AppleBusinessDigital MarketingSmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch

Guide to Mobile cloud computingMobile Cloud computing is one of the most obvious technological developments. Almost 85% of the world’s population has achieved it and adopted it for their custom made purposes. It has been observed that the usage of cloud computing technology in every business is beneficial since migrating to the Cloud leads to an improvement in security.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Mobile Cloud Computing is a relatively new concept that is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Mobile cloud computing is a development that will mostly be driven by mobile phone use. Nowadays, practically everyone owns a smartphone, and everyone is well familiar with all of its features.

Did you know that more than as per the IBM stats more than 35% of projects have turned out to be successful when backed by mobile cloud application development? As IT professionals, we have noticed that cloud based applications optimize the performance of our clients. Hence we support their website development in the latest cloud platforms.

Our smartphones have the power to run a variety of high-quality applications, and they can also run cloud-based programs since they can connect to your cloud storage to save and retrieve data. Cloud computing is fully utilized by mobile cloud computing technology when delivering apps to specific mobile devices. It seemed inevitable that the app market would flourish due to cloud-based mobile apps.


Examples of popular mobile cloud applications


Users may access their Dropbox files from any device and from anywhere in the globe thanks to an application created and run by Dropbox Inc. Users may sync their data with other PCs and portable devices using this as well.

Amazon Cloud Player: 

Amazon Cloud Player, which is used to store and play MP3 files, is one of the most well-known programs. Using the Amazon Cloud Player application, users may easily stream music on the internet or to any other device.

Importance Of Mobile Cloud Computing Applications Development

Various companies have started to use various variants of cloud computing processes on a large scale in recent years. With the help of cloud computing, it is now simple to handle important data and effectively organize data stored on internal servers.

In the past, there have been a lot of complex applications that have placed a huge strain on various devices like computers and mobiles. With Mobile Cloud Computing, website experts in Dubai can help to accelerate the in house organizational data in an optimized manner. This will keep business processes on track and save time and money.

The Advantages


Data may be stored and recovered using any device as long as it is linked to the internet thanks to mobile cloud computing technologies. Every time there is a need for information, this technology enables the efficient flow of data.

Multiple Platform Support

Because cloud computing technology supports a wide range of platforms, you may use mobile cloud computing regardless of the one you are currently using to execute your apps.

Data Availability Anytime

With the help of technology, we can access your data whenever you need it, and you can also store your data in the cloud if you want to browse the web offline. One may obtain real-time data at their convenience via mobile cloud computing.

Cost Efficiency

Because mobile cloud computing doesn’t come with any major expenses, this cloud computing service is especially affordable.

Data Back-up

The mobile cloud application lets us back up our data on the cloud when it has to be kept safe or when the data in the cloud is not in use as we continually create fresh data on our mobile phones.

Data Recovery

The cloud application always enables us to retrieve our data from the cloud by implementing a certain method in the event that we lose our crucial data due to a crash. If we have enough storage space on our devices and are connected to the internet, we can recover our data from any place.

Business Continuity

With cloud computing, you may work from any location. You are not constrained by the type of device you own or your location when using effective cloud services that offer mobile applications. Having the freedom to work remotely may undoubtedly boost corporate productivity.

Why Is Mobile Cloud Computing The Future Of App Development For Mobile Devices?

Mobile cloud computing is the way apps will be built in the future. MCC will give users of both iOS and Android new ways to make unique apps for mobile devices. Here are some reasons:


It costs money to make a unique mobile app for your brand. It’s important to make sure you get the right features for your budget. You might have to make two different apps, one for iOS and one for Android. So, MCC is a good choice because it saves money. It gets rid of the cost of keeping the app updated, and it’s easy and cheap for new businesses to make their own apps.

Increased battery life

The main thing a mobile device does is store information. When the phone’s main job is done by the cloud, it automatically saves power. By storing and processing data in the cloud, cloud computing lets you get more use out of your battery.

Synchronise Data

With cloud computing, it’s easier to store and get data. Users can easily manage and store data on their desktops and smartphones if they can sync their data more quickly. It also solves the problem of not having enough space to store things. The cloud is a backup that doesn’t take up any space on your phone.

Better Processing

A processor gives a mobile device the speed it needs to work and do tasks. In mobile cloud computing, all of the processing happens in the cloud. This means that the mobile device doesn’t have to handle any extra work, which automatically makes it faster and better at what it does.

Mobile Computing vs Cloud Computing

Since cloud computing is always evolving, mobile app developers face several new obstacles. However, consumers of mobile devices could be unfamiliar with cloud-based mobile applications. Therefore, consumers in this situation will benefit greatly from a cloud mobile app. It won’t be necessary to install it on desktop computers or mobile phones. Additionally, it will lessen the drain on mobile devices’ batteries. There will be certain restrictions on this sort of application, though.

To use, a cloud mobile app must have access to the Internet, which might be challenging for users with slower devices. Further, mobile data traffic growth can disrupt connections between mobile and cloud-based systems. Finally, migrating from native software to a cloud solution is difficult, especially if the developer is tied to a single provider. Despite these drawbacks, there are several advantages to mobile cloud computing for programmers.

The quality of the user experience and the amount of money made may both be increased with cloud mobile apps. Data sharing and storage in the cloud are two further benefits that cloud apps may offer. If we take the example of texting, one user may send and receive messages, and the other user can read those messages. The convenience of storing information and sharing videos in real time makes cloud mobile apps perfect for social networking. Commercial transactions, which rely heavily on scalable processing capacity, can benefit from mobile cloud computing.

Winding Up

Cloud computing and cloud-based mobile app development are the wave of the future. This is because they simplify the process of accessing data and apps on the cloud. This can be executed without incurring the high fees often involved with doing so. If you have a specific website or mobile app that needs optimized performance, our Website development experts in Dubai will help you out. Using the finest UI architecture, and latest applications, you can enjoy a Mobile app that generates revenue for you.

Be it an eCommerce shopping app, or even a performance app that you have in mind, we have got you covered. The process we work on is beyond the ordinary as we understand the end result and we love to discuss it with you. That is what strikes a balance between quality deliverance and customer loyalty.