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Made by Google 2019

Oct 15, 2019 POSTED IN BusinessDesignTech BY blogger
Oct 2019
Google’s annual Made by Google Event seems pretty low key this year. The big Pixel 4 phone reveal wasn’t that revelatory thanks to the company dropping bits of information in advance of the event as well as the usual leaks.
The company announced a bunch of products, including the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, new Pixel Buds, Stadia, Nest Wifi, Nest Mini, and Pixelbook Go.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones come with a new design, upgraded cameras, and motion-sensing features. Google Pixel 4 is priced at $799, while the bigger Pixel 4 XL will retail at $899. Google has also introduced a new ‘Oh So Orange’ color for the Pixel 4. Google Pixel 4 comes with new computational photography features including Live HDR+, Dual Exposure Controls, White Balancing in all lighting modes, upgraded Portrait Mode and bokeh mode. Night Sight has also been improved on the Pixel 4.
Google has heard the outcry against the privacy issues, so it’s pushing out a series of updates that will tighten up the privacy and security around your Nest devices. It’ll now also be easier to move content between Nest devices.
Google Nest is introducing its new mesh Wi-Fi router system. It’s called the Nest Wifi, and compared to the Google Wifi currently on the market, it stands out with a rounded cylindrical design, plus it comes in a few color options. Also what sets them apart is the ability to double as a smart speaker, a la Google Home. Google Nest is introducing two versions of the Nest Wifi: one that is a router that plugs into your modem, and the other (called a “point”) that can double as a smart speaker.
New Pixel Buds was also a part of the big reveal. The new Pixel Buds boast boosted signal strength, with a Bluetooth connection that can be used from across a football field — though we’re not sure you should be listening to your “Best of Disney” playlist while on the pitch.
The battery life has been improved too. The Pixel Buds have a 5-hour battery life, with up to 24 hours available when paired with the charging case. The new design is flush with your ear, reducing the uncomfortable feeling of earphones. A hole allows through ambient noise, so you can be aware of ambient noise around you.