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Latest Blog

Living in Dubai? Here are Apps you ought to have

Jan 08, 2019 POSTED IN BusinessDesignLifestyleTech BY blogger
Jan 2019

Dubai is a city with endless possibilities bought straight to your doorstep. Here are some apps you must have if you’re a resident or just happen to be in Dubai for a couple of days.

Talabat: It is the largest online food ordering platform in the Middle East. Well want to know why it’s so popular? Because they literally have discounts and offers everyday. And most essentially they are linked with a wide array of food joints all across Dubai. Get Talabat now and satisfy all your cravings! 

Souq: This Arabic word for “market” is most apt for this app. If you have a birthday to attend tomorrow and you have no time to physically shop for a gift, Souq will deliver just within a day to your doorstep. 

Fetchr: They have been developed to instantaneously fetch a package for you from the other side of town. They work like any other courier company, you can track and keep an eye on your package! 

Careem:  A high-profile meeting at an high-end location, you can just choose from the different luxury cars available on the Careem app. Also not to worry you can make highly economical trips as well.

NAMSHI: This is your shopping spree destination, and watch out their app is quite tempting and attractive! And they deliver in no time.

Washmen: Lazy to do your laundry, well not to worry you could just use this app and you get your washed clothes delivered to your home too. 0 efforts required! 

We are one such company based in the UAE working to develop and craft applications tailor made for your brand and company with minimum errors and maximum efficiency.