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iOS 13 around the corner

Jun 04, 2019 POSTED IN BusinessDesignTech BY blogger
Jun 2019

During the WWDC 2019, iOS 13, Apple’s next operating system for iPhones and iPads was introduced. Features include a Dark Mode, a Find My app, a revamped Photos app, new Siri voice, updated privacy features, new street-level view for Maps, and more.

Many other improvements and changes coming this fall include a redesigned share sheet, app downloads are 50% smaller, 2x faster app launch speed, Memoji Stickers and Memoji Makeup, HomeKit-enabled routers and HomeKit Secure Video, a new “Sign in with Apple” option for logging into third-party services, all-new Apple Maps, and much more.

Apple overhauled the Photos app, introducing a new feature that curates your entire Photos library and shows you a selection of highlights from your life by day, month, or year. Photos and videos are intelligently organized making it easier to browse and relive your favorite memories. Photo editing tools in the Photos app have been revamped to make it easier than ever to edit your images. Your editing tools are now at the bottom of the Photos app, and there are handy slider wheels available right at your fingertips when you tap the “Edit” button.

Apple is adding a new Sign In with Apple privacy feature, that gives you a convenient and data safe way to sign into apps and websites. Your Apple ID will be able to authenticate your account via Touch ID or Face ID, and developers will see a unique random ID rather than your real info.

A new Look Around feature in Maps is Apple’s version of street view, letting you see street-level imagery of a city. A new Collections feature in Maps will let you share your favorite restaurants and places with friends, and a Favorites option lets you save directions to frequent destinations like work or home.

Siri has an all new voice that sounds much more natural, and in Siri Shortcuts, you’ll find a new Suggested Automations feature that suggests personalized shortcuts you might want to create. Siri now supports Live Radio, and the personal assistant can access stations from iHeartRadio, radio.com, and TuneIn.

iPadOS supports local storage for files, zip and unzip capabilities, new keyboard shortcuts, and desktop-class browsing in Safari. There are new gestures for copying, pasting, and undoing, along with updates to text selection. iOS 13 and iPadOS are both available for developers at the current time, as Apple has many bugs to work out. Starting in July, the new updates will be made available to public beta testers ahead of an official fall launch.