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Instagram faces a global outage

Oct 03, 2018 POSTED IN BusinessLifestyleTech BY blogger
Oct 2018

It doesn’t seem to happen too often where Instagram goes down or experiences any real worrying issue, but from time-to-time there will be cases when Instagram server goes down or problems uploading photos or videos crop up. When these do happen users will share their problems with others, looking for some kind of answer.
Starting late Monday night, Instagram users began complaining on social media about problems with the Instagram app.  The issues ranged from problems with getting the app to open, to it crashing once it got started.
Instagram acknowledged on Twitter that there were problems with the app for a “small number of people” and gave instructions on how to fix issues with the app. However, the suggestions weren’t working for everyone.

It was impossible to see new photos and videos being uploaded to the site, with many users waking up this morning only seeing old posts from yesterday. Users took to Twitter to complain about the gaffe. One wrote: “Who else comes straight to Twitter to see if Instagram is down?”. Another said: “Literally just came onto Twitter to see if Instagram was down this is our culture now.”
And after the Facebook hack was revealed over the weekend, it emerged that Instagram users and accounts might also have been caught up in it if they had used their Facebook log-in to create their Instagram account.
Some of the accounts caught up in Facebook’s hacks appear to be trading on the dark web, with cyber criminals able to buy access to people’s accounts for just a few dollars, according to listings seen by The Independent.
It’s not thought that those issues have anything to do with the current outage, which is almost certainly simply a technical fault. Instagram goes down for time-to-time and can send major ripples across the internet, since more than a billion people use it each month.