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Huawei smartphones will lose Google Android Services

May 20, 2019 POSTED IN BusinessTech BY blogger
May 2019



New smartphones made by the company will also lose access to Google’s app store and software such as Gmail.

Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware and software products, except those covered by open source licences.

The news is a blow to the Chinese technology company that the US government has sought to blacklist around the world.

Huawei Technologies will immediately lose access to updates for the Android operating system while the next version of its smartphones outside China will lose access to popular applications and services including the Google Play store and the Gmail app.

Details of the specific services were still being discussed internally at Google, according to the source. Huawei attorneys are also studying the impact of US commerce department actions, a spokesman said on Friday.

Huawei will continue to have access to the version of the Android operating system available through the open source licence that is free to anyone who wishes to use it. But, according to the source, Google will stop providing technical support and collaboration for Android and Google services to Huawei. 

Huawei claimed that “the U.S. plan to isolate Huawei on the world stage is going down like a lead balloon,” although one can assume that the real lead balloon is now in Shenzhen rather than anywhere else. Huawei has placed a huge bet on its smartphone sales, a bet that has been paying off in style. Last year the company overtook Apple to take the market’s number two spot, and it now has its eye on Samsung’s crown. The Google suspension will likely hit those ambitions hard.