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 How the Call to Action is important in web designs and websites?

Aug 16, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessDesignSmartHatchUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Aug 2023

Call to Action or the CTA is the connecting touch point between the website and the website visitor.  Most website owners have figured out     that by just including a Find Out More, Call Now, or even Let’s Connect – you end with a good sales target.

How does Smarthatch handle the simple process of adding a Call to Action to your website?

 Well, that is not how it works and for this, we need where and how to place the CTA into the web design. The difference here at the   Smarthatch team is that we know the touchpoints, check the heat maps, and then add on the CTA to the web design. A quick walkthrough   into our completed works   for some of the most long lasting clients will tell you more.

 This time, we unravel, certain aspects of this point. Learn how to understand the importance of the humble Call to Action in a website. If   you  are a UI/UX designer or a website owner, it is best to check these points in detail. You can use them or even talk to our design expert   for further website sales enhancement.

Perfecting Call to Action in Web Design

 Importance of CTA in UI/UX design

  •   Call to Action is a prompt when used appropriately can direct the audience to a particular action.
  •   This can be making a purchase, subscribing to a service, making an appointment, or something else.
  •   CTA is not just a fancy looking button that can add to the aesthetic appeal of the website.
  •   After the design of your website is completed, CTA is the instruction to your audience
  •   It is inserted to encourage them towards a particular action.
  •   Otherwise, the visitor will just read and leave the website.
  •   CTA can help significantly boost sales for your product or service.

Why should you use Call to Action while designing websites?

 Increasing Conversion Rates

 Generating leads is a hard task but converting them is the real deal. CTA is one way to increase your conversion rate. Any website designer   ought to dedicate time to implementing CTA in their websites. Allowing the visitors to take action offers a huge chance to make some   conversions. What you should be careful of is not to force the CTA upon the users. Don’t make it look too aggressive or else the audience   won’t feel it offers a good value. Good quality CTAs can result in conversions while bad quality ones can make the audience bounce out of   the  website completely.

Increase your audience with the right Call to Action

 CTAs are useful not just for the sales part, it is part of improving the customer experience. Most of the users expect a CTA button as it helps   them to take the next step. By presenting CTA buttons, you can make the customer do what you want them to do. CTA buttons like “Call   Now” and “Download Now” offer a clear direction to your audience. This will help to improve the overall customer satisfaction which in turn   would help grow your audience. Besides looking cool on your website layout, CTAs guide the customers to the next phase of the sales   process.

Trigger their actions silently with the best Call to Action

 People may watch your website and leave soon. Instead, you need more from them, right? So, politely remind them to Share this post on   Facebook or Instagram. This gentle reminder is the optimal Call to Action to help them act. What do you gain? You have increased the   probability of getting more customers in the long run.

Call to Action enhances digital advertising efforts

 Nowadays, digital marketing services in the UAE are essential for any business or service to thrive. Hence, the   importance of CTAs does increase. They can increase the hype surrounding your products and services and encourage them to make a   purchase. In PPC marketing as well, CTAs are indispensable. For this, you need to use professional website development services to help   visitors naturally visit, share, and promote the website also.

Tips to design a good Call to Action

Use Action Words

 A good CTA ought to be crisp and short. You can’t make use of an entire page to get your point across. The viewers should know exactly   what  to do next. In the case of an e-commerce website, good CTAs include buy, shop, etc. Avoid using sentences like “Download our latest   application now as soon as possible”. Similarly, for instance, you may have a sale going on. So, excite them with words like Sale only Until     Stocks last. This automatically creates that feeling of not missing the opportunity or the deal. 

A good Call to Action can Invoke Emotion

 Choose the right words and you can build a sense of intrigue and urgency in the customer. For example, CTAs like “buy 1 get 1” and “buy   now  to get 50% off” manage to accomplish exactly this. Even a small detail like an exclamation mark can do wonders.

Use Appropriate colors

 A color does speak a lot.  It brings in a lot of emotions, so make sure that your Call to Action can invoke some positivity in the website. A   small but important detail is to incorporate the correct colors. You need the CTAs to stand out on the page. Nothing beats the goodness of   an elegant design

Call to Action: Wondering where to start?

 Yes, we all fall into that puzzle once in a while. For this, the Smarthatch team would suggest that you first understand your   product or service better. This will give the points, where the visitor would like to Learn More or even Give a Quick Call or Send a Message.   Such Call to Action phrases can be casually mentioned so they don’t feel you have marketed the website.

 In short, keep it natural, and passive and the whole sales cycle process will go well. Make sure to give these silent reminders before they   reach the end of the website navigation route map.

 In case, you still seem confused, leave the analysis to us. Our web design experts in Dubai are known to fix the gaps and keep your website in   good shape.  If you do have the time to send us a message , we can consult and show you many options. Our experts will pinpoint where the Call to Action will work and you can execute it accordingly.