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Google Mum Algorithm: Intuitive AI feature for Google Searches

Oct 06, 2021 POSTED IN Tech BY SmartHatch
Oct 2021



Google Mum Algorithm

MUM knows it all

According to Pandu Nayak, VP of Google Search, the new Google MUM algorithm, is promising. Internet users will experience a fundamental change in the way searches are going to be listed. Now technology will interact responsibly with users.


What is the Google MUM?

The all-new Google MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model.

MUM is an AI-based algorithm designed to make Google Searches more enriched, intuitive, and user-centric. It will be about 1000 times more result-oriented than BERT–its 2019 predecessor.

This is an intelligent initiative introduced by Google to take user search experiences to the next level.

Google Searches has improved to give the closest, most applicable information to your search.

It’s smarter; it’s fast and now will help people to search even if they are not fluent in English!


When was the Google Mum release date?

On May 18, 2021, Pandu Nayak announced the launch of MUM. But there has been no official announcement on when it will come to fruition, but we can expect it sometime soon.

The Google Twitter page updates on how Google Search will be more user-centric.

They have invested an incredible amount of time to make sure that we can get the source of any search query when one clicks the ‘About the Source’ option.


MUM on Google Lens

Google announced recently on September 29, 2021, that they plan to apply AI model MUM to Google Lens next year.

With just a random snap, you can get answers to your queries. For example, if you have broken your glasses, just take a picture of your mobile camera and ask how to fix it or find the stores where the spare parts are available.


What are the features of MUM: Multitask Unified Model?

To start with, no more vague answers are going to be listed for complex queries! Artificial Intelligence (place SH services link) is here for a huge digital makeover.

  • MUM can multi-task: A multitude of tasks like interpreting voice, test queries, images, local languages is part of processing to give search results. Previously, Google would list down all probable searches and users would have to compare the results. Now, users can enjoy more comprehensive searches.
  • MUM is multi-lingual: Google is here to banish language barriers, as MUM answers to 75 languages. It will find answers and even translate them as per the need.
  • MUM handles multi-modal tasks: Not only text but pictures, images, videos, and audio content are used to bring forward quality results. Using AI, Google connects with the human brain’s style of processing. It could be the first of its kind that understands the feel and expectation of the user.
  •  MUM refines searches: Google searches can provide organized, focused, and optimized content, taking care to filter garbage content. Not only does it find information from English-speaking countries, but crawls and displays relevant searches from every corner of the Internet.


Could Google MUM End SEO?

SEO is one form of content marketing that helped businesses connect with their probable customers. Google has been doing its best to ensure that SEO functions to its optimal level.

One needs to focus on quality and not stuffing the web pages with keywords. It may not work once the MUM rolls into the markets.

If websites have answers to the search queries and if keywords are appropriate, content marketers can keep fears at bay.


How to handle SEO and MUM?

  • Google only aims to give better information, most innovatively and comprehensively.
  • SEO will remain, but the way its use style/purpose will change
  • BERT lists down results based on keywords. Whereas, MUM will act like a human assistant to users, ask those queries and send out customized answers. So, keywords hardly matter.
  • Use your keywords genuinely, and optimize the content will images, videos, text that give useful information.
  • Forget SEO optimization with MUM, as the algorithm works on relevant, handpicked searches.


Google MUM Update: Transform Google Searches with AI

For Users: MUM is going to be phenomenal

Google time is going to be exciting and informative! Forget the days when we had to pick the right information from the search lists.

Google has redesigned User Search in four fundamental styles:

  1. Responsible models- 

    By introducing languages and local searches, MUM has become a responsible design model that analyzes the search query before listing out answers.

  2. Things to Know Feature- 

    Google will have over 350 topics that connect to the keyword phrase. Depending on the options clicked by the user, they can get more defined search paths.

  3. The Visual Appeal- 

    Once MUM gets added to Google Lens, images will do all the talking and searching. You can now take pictures and ask Google when you need inspiration on any subject. It will not pop for every search, but in case you need a room renovation, this will help.

  4. Zooming the Topic- 

    It highlights all related topics to a certain search query. The user can customize their span of search with ease depending on language, country, and other related criteria.

For Digital & Content Marketing: Refined Quality Organic Search is on the Spotlight

Content is King as usual, but the way we optimize the content will matter for MUM. Digital marketers and software product user experiences need to focus on:

Highly competitive search: 

MUM pays no heed to location, region, and language constraints. If before you had only competition from the USA, today your content will compete with all languages around the globe.

Keywords will take a backseat: 

While users will get refined results, this means more hard work for website content. Keywords will not help to rank organically. Only quality information that is presented over various platforms will have a chance of being noticed.

Voice, Video, Images: 

With MUM, you need to give more importance to the content displayed as pictures, images, gifs, videos, and voices. Text content will have a smaller role to play. For example, if you have a course to share, make it a podcast or a video rather than just a text script.

Similarly, people have accepted Alexa and Siri with so much love. This has redefined the way people search for things in their local community.


Wrap Up

Before winding up, entrepreneurs need not despair as MUM comes into action. You need to be innovative and think about how to add value to your content.

Skip the garbage and only give stellar content!

Soon, organic searches and customized searches will be the order of the day. Make creative content that gets published in various formats, and it will surely get noticed in organic searches.

If you need inspiration for quality content formats, professional web design services, our experts can guide you.