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Google marks 20 years

Sep 06, 2018 POSTED IN BusinessDesignLifestyleTech BY blogger
Sep 2018

If you don’t know something just “GOOGLE IT”. People today rely on google for almost everything they need. The company, founded 20 years ago, has revolutionized the way we use the internet.

Google started with its first product, the Search engine, 20 years ago and today has seven products that are used by more than a billion people every month.

Google that came into existence 20 years back with its first product Search engine from a garage today has seven products that are used by more than a billion people every month.

The exact date of the company’s founding is up for debate — even for those who are in the business of providing answers.

Since Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google Search on 4 September 1998, it has become the go-to place for answers to simple, stupid or difficult questions.

It allows us to communicate in over 100 languages with Google Translate and lets us explore places we would otherwise never see with Google Earth.

The early 2000s would prove to be big and defining years for Google. Long before Google became a verb, Yahoo was the premier internet search engine. As Google began to gain popularity, it even became Yahoo’s search engine provider in 2000. By the summer of 2002, Yahoo tried to acquire Google for $3 billion, but Google reportedly turned down the deal as it felt it was worth at least $5 billion.

Today the focus is on AI as it has been reportedly said, “We’re still pushing the boundaries of available technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence. And we’re still dedicated first and foremost to the user, to building products for everyone,”