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Latest Blog

“Far Out” unboxed Apple’s new iPhone 14: Futuristic Features Revealed

Sep 08, 2022 POSTED IN AppleTech BY SmartHatch
Sep 2022



It’s an Apple iPhone 14 launch, and the world is thrilled! On September 7, 2022, Apple decided to give a visual treat to fans with the much-awaited launch event- Far Out. The all-new iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Pro, and the Airpods Pro 2 were unboxed and the entire event was broadcast through their live Apple event at 10:00 P.T. (21:00 GST). You can watch it online at Apple.com and their marketing approach is so enticing. We must know that just like the tag Far Out attached to this event, the image depiction has made this launch even more intriguing. Let’s see how Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team have kicked off this multi-functional smartphone, watch, and Air pods series this September 2022.

Oh, by the way, make your way through the mystical black this time at the Apple event! If you see there is a vivid cluster of stars taking the shape of the Apple Logo, further interpret that they are going to bring in immense features.  For sure, we can expect that they are beyond the existing technological advancements at present. From the recent rumors, the company will stop the iPhone mini and introduce the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Plus.

The Far Out event was an in-person launch event in Cupertino, California. The product rollout was present at the Steve Jobs Theater and they continue to live stream the launch ever since the pandemic. This is not it, as they have promised launches in the coming months. There was a flurry of gadgets would include Airpods, Macs, and iPads, and then their mixed reality headset is in the making. By 2023, we can see these hit the markets.


 iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max: Feature Peek


Apple’s new iPhone 14 Launched: Specs, Design & Features Revealed

The Apple group is always known to climb up the innovation ladder much earlier than its competitors. Therefore, the Apple launch events are always viewed with much awe. You surely don’t know what’s in store for you every time. There are so many functionalities, styles, and technological concepts that can change the way we use the humble smartphone today. This experience was leveraged because of Apple.


Camera Specs

  • Notable Camera Upgrade: It will have a fabulous 48-megapixel triple rear camera, which is a notable delight for camera lovers. The past versions had a 12-megapixel sensor only, and this will prove to add on better focus on the photography. It claims to be 65% brighter and more performing than the iPhone Pro.
  • Light Flexibility: The iPhone 14 is light and flexible and can be used day or night. It should be a 49% of low light improvement. It has Auto Focus and Triple Camera Aperture.
  • Photonic Engine:  Photo improvement on every shot by 2X giving more realistic views from every angle.  More stable videos, with light balance and subject vision, are possible now.
  • Dynamic Island: Now you can get on a call and still the background elements will not come to a pause! Wonderfully useful for the multi-tasker!

Satellite Connectivity

  • 5G: Better downloads are promised here now.
  • Esim: A digital sim evades the need for physical sim cards, is secure, and has quick transfer plans. No one can steal your sim without your knowledge.  No more sim tray for the iPhones sold in the US from this version onwards.
  • Emergency SOS: If you are off the grid Connections and have no Internet, what to do? This one can back you up with the help of Satellites. Use the emergency SOS and give alerts on time. This is the Emergency SOS via satellite. It will be free for the first 2 years for US and Canada. The facility will be launched in November this time.

Battery & Tech Specs

  • GPU: It has an A16 Bionic chipset for added power optimization, a neural engine, and lots more to beat the competition.  This is known to be the best high-efficiency core system used in the industry today.
  • Always-on Display: It will have a fabulous OLED display to show the special entry – the Always-on display feature. This will be available on the iPhone Pro models only. They have introduced this smart step to differentiate between all four new versions of the iPhone 14.
  • Pro Display: With a planned design to ditch the wide-notch display design, they have gone forward and introduced the punch hole display design. This will be similar to the top-end Android smartphones. It has an XDR display, and ceramic shields and will last for a long time.
  • Brightness: It will be 2000 nits now making way for better pictures and videos. It will be almost similar to the Pro Display XDR.  

iPhone 14 Design

Now it is 6.6 inches compared to the older 6.1 inches. The new iPhone 14 will be 6.1 inches, the Plus version will be 6.7 inches and the iPhone Pro will be 6.1 inches and the iPhone 14 Pro will be again 6.7 inches.

Apple iPhone 14 Colors

It will come in five vibrant colors: Blue, Starlight, Midnight, RED, and Purple.

iPhone 14 Pricing

It will be the same pricing as that of the earlier iPhones in India. Overall, the price variations are hardly noticeable.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Ultra


Apple Watch has been the No, 1 top-selling watch for the past 8 years. This, according to them, is designed to be the best health partner for the person on the go.

  • Women Perfect: Features like cycle track that has an advanced feature for women- the ovulation cycle. It is meant for the women to watch their health as they workout, work, leisure, and sleep. Now, watch and record your wrist temperature overnight, and check fibroids, and body heat sensors. They have protected the data with the best Privacy versions as they encrypt the data end to end. Even Apple cannot access your personal and health data.
  • Crash Detection: Apart from that, SOS, security, travel car detection, and hit and force detection of the accident are noted. Apple can notify the nearby authorities of the accident with the help of Machine Learning.  The crash Detection feature is quick and works only when you are on a drive in an SUV or a pick-up truck.
  • Protected: Highly swimproof, crackproof, and even child protection are available here. So, children can wear it, travel and parents can keep track of their whereabouts.
  • Battery Life of Apple Watch: It is highly battery save mode and will stay on for about 356 hours.
  • Colors: They have 4 colors and even the Nike sporty colored band versions. The colors are black, gold, red, and aluminum shades. Plus, there are three stainless steel shades too.

Highlight: If you purchase the Apple Watch now, you get three months of Fitness Plus totally free of cost. For now, the price starts at $399 for aluminum color models. For cellular connectivity, the model will be priced at $499 now.

Apple Watch SE Second Generation: Affordable, Stylish, and Highly Functional

The new Apple Watch SE is priced at $249. It will provide heart rate alerts, fall and accident detections, etc. The design comes with a wider screen and the underside will be plastic this time.

Apple Watch Ultra: Meant for the Most Rugged Environments

Head to the Unknown with Apple Technology. Now control your time, health, and connections while you live your life in any environment. You can get the cellular facility here so, track GPS, call, or message people always. Whether you are in for a deep dive, or the harsh deserts, this watch will help you push the boundaries.  It has 66+ hours of battery life.

  • Water resistant & Heat Resistant: Go underwater for about 66 ft, and even walk through deserts at 55 C and experience flawless powering features. Scuba divers can use the App to know currents, visibility; dive parameters notified accurately, decompression limits, and safety guidance. Plus, the GPS easily syncs quickly to the location.
  • It will be available on the store shelves by September 23 and priced at $799 in the US.

Airpods Pro 2

Air Pods Pro 2

The most advanced they have introduced in the Airpods family. It has an H2 chip–an upgrade to the previous version.

  • Spatial Audio: They have given spatial audio with crystal clear sound systems, and personalized to perfection.
  • Noise Cancelations: Hear what you want, anywhere with no disturbances.
  • Adaptive Transparency: If exposed to any exterior sounds, the device will cut out the noise.
  • Battery: Get a 33% increase in battery life, with about 30 hours of listening time. Plus, have you lost your iPod case before? Now, it will help spot the case with the help of your phone.

Winding Up

Hope this page has excited you, just as much as it did for us. Being website and mobile app experts in Dubai, we have always felt the need to explore any device that gets launched.  This has helped us provide perfect iPhone mobile applications that cater to enormous crowds. If you have a next big project in mind, shoot us a message and we love shaping them into reality for you.