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Best Digital Marketing Types for Every Brand to Use

Jul 09, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessDigital MarketingTech BY SmartHatch
Jul 2023

Know what are the Digital Marketing Types companies can useUsing the various Digital Marketing Types is a crucial way to help leverage the brand visibility at large. Yesteryears have showcased interesting advertisements on TV and Radio. Today, companies take the virtual mode – thanks to Digital Marketing.

Whether you have an offline shoe store, medical store, or beauty services, our handpicked Digital Marketing types will work for you.  Unlike, normal digital marketers, who focus on paid campaigns alone, we strategize in a different way.

If you are here for the first time, SmartHatch welcomes you to a phase of learning and reviving your IT and business dreams. Today Digital Marketing is a mix of reliable website development, intuitive web design services, and more. In Dubai, we handle web development and design services along with SEO so that the website gets an overall visibility. Our proven Digital Marketing Strategies is a step ahead and a perfect kickstart for you.


9 Noteworthy Digital Marketing Types to Rely on 24/7

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization determines how your website ranks according to search engine results. A better ranking undoubtedly leads to more traffic and would definitely boost your business or service. As a result, companies and firms invest significantly to ensure proper SEO practices.

SEO is usually approached in the following 3 ways:

1.On-Page SEO

The focus is on the content displayed on the website. Researching the proper keywords would lead to a better ranking.

2.Off-Page SEO

Here, the emphasis is on everything which is outside the webpage. The ranking is usually determined by inbound links, publishers that link to your website, and how credible they are. You can network with other websites and collaborate with them to get the authentic backlinks you need.

3.Technical SEO

This revolves around everything happening at the backend like how stuff is coded, the compression of the image, and CSS File optimization.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing via social media is all about promoting your content and services via various channels like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. There are even tools to connect your various social media accounts like Social Pilot,  Content Studio, BuzzSumo, etc. They ensure to schedule content and release them simultaneously. Viral campaigns are one way to grab a lot of attention and obtain a significant social media following.

There are many agencies and firms which help you with social media marketing. They even produce the content upon receiving instructions from you. However, you need to have a proper strategy regarding the content when approaching third-party agencies.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a technique wherein you seek organizational growth by building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. Basically, you have to attract customers with quality content and services. Once, you have established a basic rapport with them, you can work on engaging with them and presenting your services in a way that aligns with their needs. Finally, provide them with all the necessary help and support to make them feel that the purchase was a success. The delighted customers will share their feedback with another customer thus creating a loop.

This is all much easier said than done. You need to invest in top SEO strategies to attract customers while experienced salesmen have to engage their customers. Investing in chatbots is recommended to help the customer with post-sales support.

Mobile Marketing

More than 253 million US residents use the mobile in 2023. This is a report release by Insider Intelligence  and reveals that mobile time is increasing by the minute.

Today, whether it is social media or even your websites, users find it very handy to first check them on their smartphone. So, for a brand has to gain more visitors, it is necessary to work with mobile marketing.  This is done through SMS, calls, Mobile ads, etc.

Audio and Video Marketing

The next on our list is audio and video marketing. This is so far one of the most powerful types of digital marketing. The reason being  such visuals can connect a lot faster to the end user. The flow or the storyboard of advertisements, carousels, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, can grab the attention faster than newspaper advertisements today.

Then Audio Marketing would include audio played near articles, storybooks, and presentations on websites.  It includes podcasts, talk shows which are very engaging and attract a huge audience.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a great way to interact with your audience. Companies can easily promote their content, events, special offers, etc to direct traffic toward their website. E-mail marketing is significant because as of 2023, there are more than 4 Billion email users across the globe. Most of them regularly check their e-mails as well. E-mail marketing is great in the sense that it can improve your brand awareness and help in engaging with the users.

The important thing regarding e-mail marketing is to choose a proper e-mail service provider. You won’t be short of any suitors but the important things to consider are the pricing, send volume, and e-mail design. There are even tools like Unlayer which lets you create your e-mail templates without any coding.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is what we know as Search Engine Marketing. It is a great way to generate website traffic. Publishers place your ads on their website and they receive a fee every time anyone clicks on your website. This might look like a loss for the advertiser but when implemented properly, the click is worth much more than what you pay. You can put paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. They will share the ads with people who match your audience.

It is important to ensure that you have put in sufficient work to create a good advertisement in the first place. Without a proper advertisement that showcases your services and offerings, PPC has no value. Also, compared to other marketing techniques, PPC has a bit of a learning curve.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is just as it sounds. You produce high-quality content and market them. It does not just include website content. You can make blog posts, Ebooks, Infographics, and videos. The purpose is to generate leads for your company. Television and Radio are great channels to share information and they can easily broaden your audience.

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing uses the opposite approach of PPC. Here, you promote the content of other parties on your website and receive a commission accordingly. Affiliate Marketing includes hosting video advertisements and sharing affiliate links through your social media. Affiliate Marketing is immensely popular and it is the best technique for someone who is learning the ropes of Digital Marketing.

The same goes with Influencer Marketing, whereby people market the products with their valuable reviews. If companies and brands can associate with influencers with a huge fan base, then they can promote the product or service for you.

Want to Experience the goodness of Digital Marketing Types for your company brand?

No matter how different your company and brand is, they will have a set of audience.  But you need to use proper digital marketing types to help them know about the company.  The power of Digital Marketing is useful for by huge giants like Amazon, due to the potential of growth it provides.

If you need to stay ahead in this hyper competitive world, use the Digital Marketing Types and transform your sales leads exponentially. For more custom made web development and design services to support your digital marketing services, we can help you out.