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Are you a newbie entrepreneur?

May 16, 2018 POSTED IN BusinessInspirationalLifestyle BY blogger
May 2018

Being a new entrepreneur can be extremely overwhelming and exciting. Business is marked by inconsistency there may be prolonged or short periods of boom and decline. There might be times when you feel utter despair and have a feeling of giving up. There are some key tips to stay focused and optimistic.


1-  Think long term: Accomplishing anything great takes short-term sacrifices, pain and stress. All of these things can be demotivating if you’re operating with a short-term mindset. However, when you look at where you’ll be five years from now because of this sacrifice, it tends to keep things in perspective. Anything worth doing is going to take a lot of time and effort and most importantly patience is the keys.

2- Look for inspiration: It’s very essential that you have aspiring role models who’s lives can be emulated. Reading about success stories of people helps to keep you on track. Also take part in entrepreneurial workshops, seminars and conferences and widen your network

3- Create a roadmap: Make sure your end goal is clear and precise. Your journey to your target should be broken down step by step. And with each succession, your motivation increases

4- Be ready for setbacks and take them as learning lessons: Losses and failures are inevitable, it’s important that during such situations you remain positive and try to seek advice whenever needed.Take any obstacle that comes your way as a challenge and not a threat. And whats more important is that you learn from them.

5- Celebrate Every Goal achieved: Every goal achieved is a milestone and takes you one step closer to the ultimate goal. While these may seem like baby steps, the purpose is to build confidence and to continually move forward.As time goes by, and with success building on success, you will be able to increase your pace and start setting yourself bigger goals.

6- Have time to relax and unwind: This helps in rejuvenating yourself and keeping yourself physically and mentally fresh. Being overworked leads to a state of psychical and mental exhaustion known as burnout. And this is no good news as it inhibits your efficiency and creativeness. You will know this has happened to you when you get bothered by even the slightest things and have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. Hence have a timeout policy during weekends and stay away from work and spend time with family and friends. Keep a hobby or two that you enjoy.