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Latest Blog

Apple WWDC 2023: Unveiling iOS 17, AR/VR headsets and more

Jun 06, 2023 POSTED IN AppleBusinessSmartHatchTech BY SmartHatch
Jun 2023


WWDC 2023 is the talk of the town as the world waits to see the versatile technological launches Apple has introduced.  This eventful 34th Annual Developer conference took place at Apple Park with Tim Cook inaugurating the whole function. The event started off with its prestigious keynote session at 10:00 a.m. Pacific timing on June 5, 2023.

The event will extend between the dates from June 5- June 9, this year. While the world can witness the Conference online via multiple channels, a few have received the privileged invite. On June 5, a handful of students, developers, and IT experts were present at the conference and had a live interaction with the company.


Highlights of Apple WWDC 2023: Latest Product Launches

The Much Awaited Launch and Feature Stories of the following are announced in detail:

  • iOS 17
  • iPadOS 17
  • macOS 14
  • watchOS 10
  • tvOS 17
  • AR/VR headset
  • 15-inch MacBook Air

Is there a Ticket for the Apple WWDC 2023 event?

Until 2022, the ticket charges were $1,599 and people could be part of the in person event every year, This 2023,, the scenario has gone through a welcoming change. It will be an online event, and the invitees can of course witness the whole conference at no charge.

Where can people watch the Apple WWDC 2023 event?

There are plenty of choices like the Apple Events website. Developers and IT lovers can use the Apple TV app, or even open the Apple Developer app to view it. The event is also available on the SharePlay feature where friends can watch the online event together.

If you own any of the Apple products like the Mac, iPhone, or iPad, then you can view them with the help of the Apple Developer app and also the Apple TV app. Plus tune in to your set-top boxes and those latest smart TVs and enjoy the event live at home. The recorded versions can be seen easily on YouTube.

The Announcements at the Apple WWDC 2023

By conducting the WWDC, Apple connects developers with the latest Apple products and hardware collections. People can now see their new iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS software announcements. For IT experts, and students this was a golden chance to interact and learn vital IT hardware and software trends. The Apple technicians gave an engaging overview of each of their hardware, products, and engineering process. Alongside, you can see the one-on-one lab appointments and the interactive Apple Developer Forums.

The great excitement for most students was that they got the opportunity to participate in the Swift Student Challenge. For the winners, it means prized and a much awaited chance to spend time at the Apple Park.  You can watch the event easily on YouTube or on the Apple website 


Facetime gets better as Apple intrduces new features

IOS 17

  • This is one massive launch with a bunch of exciting features:
  • An intuitive, interesting user experience is among their prime goals through this software. Get to enjoy better communication, better sharing options, and smart input options for the Apple iPhone.
  • Using the neural engine and Face time communication can go next level.
  • You can leave messages, skip calls, and connect with them later. Messages are also augmented with smart searches, inline smart replies, and very useful audio transcription.
  • The Check feature can help people let families and loved ones know about your current location, whether you reached safely and it is great for others to know about your safety.
  • The entire style and structure have been changed, with more stickers, animations, and emojis. This is a lot more fun for the user.
  • Get personalized chat time, emojis, and videos compiled, and innovative fun stickers that can be easily done with a few clicks.
  • NameDrop – Bump in and Share anything at all!
  • Use NameDrop to swap the number to someone. Use Namedrop, bring your mobiles close, and swap contact numbers, photos, and even content files. It is a great option to share files without cables and everything is transferred between people in minutes. The keyboard is much more easier to use, and the typing experience is seamless and quick.



The Journal App at the Apple WWDC 2023

  • Creatively you get the chance to journal each of your prized moments in life with a collage, video, audio, and music and so much more. This is a photos widget wherein you choose the moments that you like to make into a journal.
  • Standby

An exclusive feature that allows iPhone to work like a clock stand, as it comes with a stand. The look is stylish, subtle, and sophisticated. You can also prompt Sir to do various tasks for you, like book appointments, play some music, set timers for the day, etc.

  • The Siri without the Hey

Yes, believe it or not. No more Hey to your Sir,. Easily get straight to the point and Siri will get things done for you.



They have introduced the MAC with a promising note that the experience would be doubled with the usage of their new M2 chip.  They showcased the 15-Inch MacBook Air


15-Inch MacBook Air

Clarity Beyond the Usual for Macbook

Apple explained the new MacBooks at WWDC. This is said to be 12 times faster than Intel based MacBook Air, with a 1080p camera, and six speaker systems to leverage the audio effect. It is also the world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop today and possesses a crystal clear 15.3-inch liquid retina display.  To make the experience all the more worthwhile, you can adjust the screen to over 1 billion colors and have the most vibrant visuals.  Now, it is priced at $1299 and comes in four colors such as Starlight, Midnight, and more.


M2 Ultra, M2 Max, and Mac Pro

MacPro is the most recent high end desktop computer that Apple lovers can own today.  It has kept aside Intel and used Apple Silicon instead. This is priced at $6999 and sure is a game changing move.


Mac Studio

This new introduction will work with M2 Max and even M2 Ultra Chips.  The biggest refresh feature is the availability of the chip and the tech qualities will remain the same.


iPadOS 17

Another fantastic announcement was the iPadOS 17 and it included:

  • Go Healthy with its lovely Health App. Check on your vital parameters every minute seamlessly.
  • Timers are part of the iPad and now users can be in awe as the IPad makes life more organized.
  • A wide range of widgets for improved functionality and one such innovative widget is Quizlet.
  • Lockscreen with added custom made features are part of the upgraded iPad.
  • We have to mention this high utility feature – the Live Feature. You can get to track your work, communications, orders, logistics and so much more

The Vision Pro

The new Vision Pro at the Apple WWDC 2023

  • This was the much awaited launch – The Vision Pro. As Tim Cook states his excitement, ‘‘One more thing’. Time for Mixed reality headset finally!!” Of course, it is still in its infancy stage. But since Apple is known to be the pioneer of disruptive technology products, we can expect something fabulous.
  • It is yet to hit the markets and will be one of a kind.  This device will work along with an array of all the apps mentioned above.  So whatever is used for iPhone and IPad will be used here as well.
  • It uses the R1 processor and works by responding to the user’s movements of the eyes and the hands.
  • Another major highlight is the eyesight feature. Unlike other devices, where you lose contact with others while using such headsets, here it is different. You can see your surroundings and also enjoy the experience.
  • The product launch will take place in the first half of 2024 and will cost $3499. The design’s major competitor so far in the market is Meta Quest Pro which comes at $999. But we have to see the quality of the functionalities soon.
  • Their teaser promotions include the fact that buyers can get Disney+ along with the headset for the launch purchase.


Apple watchOS 10 launched at Apple WWDC 2023

It’s got a fresh revamp and the highlight would be that now you can stack in your widgets within the watch.  Organize life with calendars, exercise, medication timetables, work logs, etc.


Apple Airpods Go Adaptive

  • With premium quality noise cancellation features, now users can adapt their Airpods to suit the environment, noise, and sounds that arise.
  • The Adaptive audio technology will adapt or change automatically, giving the users more flexibility to adjust the sounds


To Wind Up

The Apple WWDC 2023 is definitely making its mark in the world of technology. Businesses can now take a step ahead to improve their user experiences and augment customer satisfaction just as the Apple technicians have worked for this.  To take your entrepreneurial journey ahead in Dubai, we are right here to help you. Check our Success Stories and let’s make something awesome together.