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9 Benefits why Motion graphics  is perfect for Business Marketing

Sep 20, 2023 POSTED IN BusinessSmartHatchUI/UX BY SmartHatch
Sep 2023

Know why Motion Graphics Services is good for Business

Motion Graphics can communicate a lot without fuss and that is a beauty of it. In case, you handle Business Marketing, our insights will share all the benefits of using Motion Graphics for your Business. Apart from website development, we add life and meaning to a website through web designing services in Dubai.  Some of our custom made web designing projects (link portfolio) are a class apart from the traditional. This makes our work give results always.

What are Motion Graphics?

Have you seen animated videos on websites and social media?  Well, that is a small version of Motion Graphics. When you consider a website, like an educational app, or any ecommerce platform, you will need of meaningful motion graphics to showcase. To make a motion graphics video, you will sound effects, voiceovers, color gradients, concept flow, etc. Plus the web designer will have to incorporate sense and attractive graphics to add value and engagement for the viewer.

What is the role of Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics have different roles in communication.  It could be through logos, short films, tutorial classes, and brilliant conversations.

Depending on your purpose, we strategize the best motion graphics to suit the business. If you ask, what is the role of Motion Graphics in a website, that would be building better user experiences. However, if you ask what is role of Motion Graphics in Business Marketing, the main answer would be customer engagement and communication.

Therefore having a solid Motion Graphics Strategy and executing it with a team of Motion Graphics experts, would be the ideal take for your business.

Brilliant Examples of Motion Graphics Advertisements

Beech Nut

Take a look at how Beech Nut markets its USP through an interactive video. It is so simple, yet so message driven. No compulsion and the entire ambience is super calm.  Would young mothers feel like giving it a try? Yes, of course. The communication is calm, confident, and transparent.

Reddit Mobile Application

We all have seen explainer videos, However, one such video that struck a gold mine of attention was from Reddit. The video (https://vimeo.com/161938826 ) goes into a storytelling mode, to explain the features, and boons for using Reddit. The conversation is simple and entertaining. This kind of method can be used by all companies who need to be noticed. Though a series of colorful images, and illustrations, it keeps viewers engaged, and that in turn builds customer loyalty for the brand.

Top Nine Benefits of Using Motions Graphics in Your Business

Our world is fast paced and our marketing is keeping marketers on their toes, If you learn how to use motion graphics for your marketing efforts, this will be a smart move.  For those, who are unsure about how motion graphics can really help you, scroll further and read the benefits.

Communication Get Interesting

No second thoughts on that! Communication can transform from a boring theory class to an array of images and videos. It keeps lengthy content interesting and makes viewers stay in the loop in a much better manner.

The Story Teller

Craft your imagination, concepts, and business ideas in the most amazing stories. Depict them through the power of motion graphics. Once they are presented in the form of pictorial stories, the message will get more acceptable. Even if you have a lesson to teach, try converting that into a graphics class. Irrespective of age, this will be admired with no second thoughts,

Relatable Visuals

Always a visual like an image, video, song, etc. is more relatable compared to literature. Of course, literature is great, but the impatient mindset of your target consumer would choose a video better. So, try using motion graphics and see how connected they can get with your business visuals.

Trendy Brand Messages

Every brand personifies the identity of a company. It adds an esteem concept to the one who used it. This transfer of thought and feel will be best done through a professionally curated motion graphics service. If you are a startup or a traditional company, go ahead and build a marketing campaign with motion graphics. The result will be amazing.

Unique Touch

Build your identity through marketing in a phase by phase manner. This means that it should have a unique way of presentation. This can be best done with the help of motion graphics. Make sure you use the services of expert web designers for this purpose.

SEO Enhanced

Any website booms when more videos, and images come in. This in turn builds the search engine optimization factor for the website. So if you are struggling to get more website visits, try your hand at motion graphics. It holds more audience than you can imagine.

More Competitive Recognition

Competition in business is a messy affair. When marketing is concerned, consumer demands are even more complex. So move outside your local areas, enhance your motion graphics projects, and revamp your website. This will improve the complete website user experience and see a boost in your marketing efforts.

Result Centric Strategies

We’re talking about results when it comes to website development, digital marketing a lot more. At SmartHatch, we have worked on some of the most professional result centric strategies that have helped our clients in the past. Since we use the latest technologies, expertise, and custom made graphics solutions – we give services that suit your requirements. In short, our efforts have always been more efficient and cost effective for our clients.

Content Transformation

Imagine you have a 20,000 word concept to explain to your audience. If you have scripted it on your web page, it is going to be a red flag for those who aren’t interested in reading. Still, you need to market and that is where we bring in motion graphics. The same content can be transformed into a 20 second video advertisement, and tutorial too. Naturally, you awaken the child in each viewer and they would love seeing this experience. The same goes with the fact that if you need to reuse old content like articles, or blogs, create a graphics explanation, and share them on social media. Sounds interesting? Well, then, consult with our Graphics expert (link to contact us) and we will set a style that you actually need.m

When should I hire a Motion Graphics Service Professional?

Let’s lay out a few questions:

Are you able to sell your business theme, products, mission, etc.? If not, yes you need a motion graphics expert to help you out.

Is your in house team creative enough to think out of the box? If they are still bringing boring tales to the table, your product may not get attention at all.  We have revamped a couple of websites motion graphics in our work portfolio enabling them to scale up.

Take the next step, brighten up your online visibility with the perfect motion graphics and we are right with you. Our creative experts tailor make each graphics project, and website to suit your business goals. Let’s collaborate to give you the best of motion graphics and business marketing results.