Who We Are

Smart Hatch Solution is remarkably a new generation business solutions provider offering the ‘next to necessity’ business solutions that can answer to the end-requirements of clients from various domains and different industries. As is named, it has been a smart hatching out from the idea box of its master minds who always believed to reap the best out of their harvest.

Although started small with its presence in Kerala and UK, it has progressively extended its reach with its global impressions in India, UAE, US and UK. Smart Hatch Solutions eventually grasped the market with its extensive service and superior quality customer service in Web Development, Ecommerce solution, Application development and Software solutions.

Understanding the current trends and growing demands, Smart hatch Solutions consistently upgraded to meet the requirements and answer the curiosity of its clients towards enhancing their business operations. It has always incorporated the best methodologies ensuring that it is within the comfort zone of its clients. Needless to say, the company has ever been compassionately helping the clients with the right software solutions that would help their business communication prosper.

Our Vision

To be the leading B2B solutions provider, empowering business platforms with user friendly software,web,mobile and consulting services.

Our Mission

To redefine IT solutions to meet the complex challenges,helping clients ​to​ have a better insight of thier business and move towards ​higher productivity.

About Smart Hatch Solutions

Smart Hatch Solutions was incepted in 2009 and has soon established itself as the leading service provider in its niche of Web development and Mobile applications. In a very quick time span, the heart and soul put in by its master minds paved its way towards a generous rapport among its clientele. Apart from its successful journey of Web development and Mobile Applications, it soon blossomed as its other vibrant segments namely Product development, IT consultation and Corporate Branding.

Today, Smart Hatch is just a call away to a number of people who don’t find answers related to their IT related business concern. Therefore it is highly addressed as a multifaceted group with its global presence in India, UAE, USA and UK. It serves both B2B and B2C with its key operations in IT segment. SHS is an ardent accomplishment and could very well be the answer to any business related concern in the technological grounds.

Success Stories

Pepsi (Web Application Development)

Successfully accomplished the project of developing a booking and attendance application for Pepsi for their HR conference in Middle East. Although it was assigned with a short notice, the project was completed and handed over on right time. Indeed, the project was a success!

Knanaya (Android Application)

An android application is connecting Knanaya community around the World, fetching information from their website, www.KnanayaNews.com, gives the population of Knanaya Catholics worldwide easy access to comprehensive, educational and timely information about Knanaya Catholic community. This application was developed in iOS as well

Findlane (Classified Website)

SHS takes pride in developing Findlane a website with the sole purpose of facilitating the need of bringing everyday and luxury commodities nearer to the consumers. Findlane provides an easy and expedient ‘Link’ to people to reach their requirements. With a number of categories ranging from cars to properties, fashion to artifacts, Jobs to services, Findlane is an all-round website in itself.

Dialysis Finder(iOS Application)

This application quickly identifies your location and lets you choose the nearest Dialysis Clinic as well as get other information about the location. A convenient way to find a US Dialysis Clinic near you. It provides contact info,facilities offered and driving directions of clinic from palm of your hand. Having information on over 5500 Dialysis Clinics in US.

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