Facebook outdated for Generation Z

June 1, 2018 Smart Blogs

Generation Z or Gen Z is the demographic cohort after the Millennials. Most of Generation Z have used the Internet since a young age, and they are generally comfortable with technology and with interacting on social media.

Now if we were to do a little flashback, we all remember Facebook to be a huge hype. People used to spend hours together in front of it day and night updating where they were, what they were doing etc. It inevitably became a part and parcel of their lives. However today when it comes to the Generation Z or the iGeneration, Facebook seems to be outdated. And what is really “in” for them are Snapchat and Instagram. For today’s teens, Facebook is just a tool for group chats or keeping up with parents. Only 9% of teens say Facebook is their preferred social media platform, a survey from Piper Jaffray found last year.

Another important aspect for this shift in preference is the growing need for privacy, the Generation Z places privacy and anonymity as paramount and for this reason, they intend to use Spanchat, Secret and Whisper rather than Facebook.

Also true is what An Hodgson, an income and expenditure manager at Euromonitor International, told Business Insider,”Generally, members of Generation Z are tech-savvy, pragmatic, open-minded, individualistic — but also socially responsible,”

This cohort of the population may not only be capable of killing Facebook but may also lead to the defunct of many industries,  department stores, restaurants, music etc.


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